Part 22

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After that meeting, I had to think about what can be done to help Melanie out. I know she can come back from this nightmare she's trapped in but how. Melanie was in a frightened state, even if she won't acknowledge, let alone admit to it. I had noticed her skin had gone slightly blue as she kept shaking after being subjected to some kind of treatment, which was clearly pleading with the doctors to stop. It was like she was made to go into the arctic regions in nothing but her in undergarments. I needed to know what was going on because this wasn't the kind of lass I'm used to seeing. I'm used to seeing Melanie as some kind of hoodlum, which it's often for the better. Trust me, when there's a football game involving her team, it's best to keep quiet or risk it. Eventually, I just opted to speak with Victoria, as she could have some clues on what had been done to Melanie since this was understandably before she got into that fight.

As I was able to speak, I had noticed a change in Melanie that I didn't expect, same goes with Victoria who had been suspicious. Melanie seems to start agreeing to some of her treatments, which she had rebelled against. I thought about her screaming for her life, begging them to stop. I wondered for a moment if she had been coerced or not since she was sectioned under the Mental Health Act. Suddenly, I overheard some commotion from the hallway, arguing over what Melanie had been subjected to. One was yelling why didn't just stop when Melanie's heart was suffering, leading to a third heart attack... this time flat-lining... almost being declared dead. Someone had enough and discontinue whatever was going on and was able to restart her heart. It was likely at that moment, Melanie finally came to the realization that she clearly needed help for her problems. I had heard of the phase three times the charm, but being close to death during those times. How was this the deal-breaker? I mean, I heard of scaring someone straight but never to the point of death in order to get them to understand that they need help. If you ask me, it seems to make the problem worse.

It was something I wasn't sure what was going on. Melanie seems to be broken after that kind of incident, which I demanded to know-how is that going to work. Melanie was still hesitated on allowing anything apart of something that was simple to swallow. The nurse assistant has also noticed a slight change, after being told what had happened. Word about what had likely caused this mess had been found out, so there was no used of hiding anymore. Yet, the look on the assistant's eyes gives me some kind of clue on what was being done, almost like wants to apologize for what happened. I had to put two and two together if I was going to find out, for the stake of pretty much everyone involved. Finally, I had a chance to talk to Melanie... alone.

"What happened?" I asks.

"I'm not sure but needed some help." Melanie said.

"On what? You're often been quiet about your problems. To the point, the only way I ever found out was seeing it for myself." I told her.

"Well, you didn't say much of anything on what I had been eating. I had to have a substitute but doubts it was the cause." Melanie said.

"Look, it's not that weird to find other sources of nutrients." I said.

I was trying to ensure what she was secretly isn't that much of a deal.

"What did your mum about it?" I asks.

"She was pretty upset that I was eating instead of 'human' food. They found tins of dog food. You know why I have a problem with such." Melanie said.

"I know. Victoria got forced to tell about your problems with food because of what happened." I asks.

"At least, she kept her mouth shut about blending in dog food with my drinks. I kinda got addicted but didn't think it would be that big of deal." Melanie said.

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