Part 25

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During the night, I tried to see if I could try the ability Melanie claimed to have. I needed to enter my astral form in order to find out, which means I had to limit the duration. When I did, I had to find the location where the records were being held. I understood it was a clear invasion of privacy, but I had to see what was going on. I had noticed Melanie had opted for the same thing when I found her at the nurse's station.

"What are you doing?" I asks.

"Looking for what that wanker wrote about me." Melanie said.

"How is that?" I asks.

"Well, I show what she said about me, before and after she bullied Victoria." Melanie said.

Melanie found what she was looking for.

"Here" Melanie said.

I begun to read it.


"It was rather a challenging time, and Jayne, a native of Liverpool, was one of the difficult cases I had to push through. During many meetings in the matter, I was noticed about another patient, Caroline, an Essex native, had withheld important information regarding Jayne and her medical history. Caroline arrived following a suicide attempt prompted admission, which Caroline volunteered, along with for a suspected eating disorder. Caroline's health record will be kept sealed due to matters unrelated to Jayne. I had to have a talk with Caroline, requesting her presence in one of the meeting session, with the anticipation to understand the details behind Jayne. The only other patient I was aware about the information was Lee, a native Londoner, admitted various of injuries following the pitch. With permission, I was handled a copy of her medical records. Due to the injuries relating to the pitch accident, mainly injuries to the chest and neck resulting in a tracheotomy, troubling seizure episodes after struggling to merge from a coma, and a mild staph infection due to burn wounds, I decided exclude Lee during the conference, understanding further stress put her danger. During the duration, I was present with Jayne and two nearby relatives, a mum and step-father, whom both were recently informed about the matter. A copy of Jayne's medical dating back to an incident, about two years prior, where she was admitted for respiratory distress and some strange bruises. I was later informed in the bruises on the upper-back when from attempts to restore breathing, leading to a form of obstruction. Jayne had stayed for about 72 hours for observation. Since then, that's seems where the health had gone on the decline, as Jayne had failed to be present in the recommended health examination. After meeting with individuals looking over the matter, it was agreed that Jayne is to be section under the Mental Health Act and a noticed was sent to the address listed. Finally, upon arrived along with police, Miss Jayne wasn't present at her dwelling. A neighbour from another informed both the police and approved social workers about the whereabouts, visiting both Lee and Estelle, a Watford native. Jayne was admitted after having asthma attack, leading to arrhythmia. However, during the process of admission under Section 2, Jayne wasn't present, resulting in a warrant. Jayne was found, unconscious upon being found where the pitch accident had occurred, she had to be treated for burns on her left arm. Despite the recommendation to higher security suite, Jayne was processed as required despite being informed about her medical history. She was diagnosed with anorexia and manic depression. She needed to be taken to cognitive behaviour therapy such as being in groups, though she seems to agree to expressive therapy to a degree. Jayne was later placed under Section 3, which it's a treatment order... meaning Jayne will be administered medication but under supervision, as we had to be mindful of her injuries. Still, it was challenging on her progression, though she would accept food that had to be liquefied. Later, after Jayne's second attempt and conditions like osteomalacia, this resulted in a broken leg and a sore neck. Jayne was ordered to strict bed and chair rest from that forward. However, I was informed about parasitic infections that were present upon admission and had to be dealt and a feeding tube direct to the stomach was ordered, following emergency surgery. She was clearly distressed with the decision to strip her of control when it comes to medical decisions but was deemed she lacked the capacity. One of the recommendations was to show the result of her condition, in spite of the objections. It had to be done in a controlled setting, again, this was due to her injuries. However, it was discontinued at this point out of concerns for her heart, which also had to be treated for worms. Since the damages were minor, standard anti-parasitic mediation was advised though monitored. During the session with her parents, Jayne was showing signs of hostility, wasn't speaking but begging, and Caroline was stalling to provide an answer, as she appears to do. It was clear on the immaturity level Jayne was displaying, though she doesn't appear to be narcissistic as many other sessions have been shown, as she was displaying empathy. Yet, it was clear to Jayne obsessive-compulsive in regards to her health, along with depression and upset about being looked at. It's unclear if it's related to anorexia, as psychosis is common. I had to explain Caroline in detail about how close to death Jayne was, even if placed on waiting list for transplantation of both heart and intestines. This brought the attention of the parents present, along with a gentleman, Beckham, who was there to support Caroline, though prohibited from intervening. With this information, Jayne was finally forced to come forward about the causes, leading to the confirmation of her current condition. Recently, I had learned about a transfer thanks to an incident both Caroline and Jayne were involved with Smith. Smith, Mancunian, had attacked both Caroline and Jayne, resulting in injuries. Word about Jayne was likely the trigger but it's ongoing. I have recently asked to take part in a study with Jayne and Lee. I would like to speak with Miss Lee, yet will restrict the questioning due to her condition. I had been informed I should speak with Lee alone. It's unclear why. I'll also be going over the mediation regime for Jayne.

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