Part 1

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Can you image this? One minute, chatting with your flatmate and the next... she's calling your mum thanks to a muffin who didn't pay attention. Well, that happened to me. Geri had to grab the nearest mobile she could find as my body was just lying there. It remained me of that Public Information Film that had a lass with her eyes open, just doing nothing. Well, what did you think would happened? I don't know what he was on, but who cares? Now, I have to deal with that day at the football pitch.

However, it's not why I have explained. It's was during this stage of Astral Plane while my body was pretty much out of service and finally returning. I grew up in a Catholic family, but this was something I wasn't expecting... unless I was dead. Yet, I somehow had some kind of life, but it caused a split between my body and soul. How else I would be talking about it? All, I was able to see while in the astral form was sirens, people scream like my flatmate and good friend, and the driver crying. Yes, men do cry. I wasn't sure was going on at that moment. The ringing of the blast of a bolt of electric energy was still flowing. It reminded me about a case in Congo, where a whole football team was just stuck down, yet the other team was just fine. I later found out it was thanks to a light poll being hit, and the wires making contact to the mostly wet ground thanks to the rainy night before.

Suddenly, it went pitch-black... to be fair, it something I excepted what death looked like before being taken to heaven. Yet, I was told, it wasn't my time. Still, it was rather nice to see a priest give my body last rites... well, you have to have a backup plan. I looked around the scene, knowing I wasn't likely going to have interacted while like this.

I found a spot to sit down for a moment and looked at the others. I noticed Jewel being checked out, while Alanis was coughing up blood. I mean, one minute, we were playing a friendly game of football. Then, out of the blue, some car was heading in our direction. I might have pushed both Geri and Brandy out of the way, just before impact and the other two were just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Next, I heard Celine screaming for others to lift the car that landed on us three. I took most of the damage, I guess. Brandy took the least but returned to get both me and Geri out. Brandy was suffering from an arm injury but she fought through. I was able to hear one of the women scream out, likely Geri.

When I finally got back to the light, it was a hospital... the A&E to be exact. I noticed a team of doctors working on my body. I was able to see a lot of blood coming out of mouth and ears, not to mention how my neck was broken. It was almost like botch hanging. My eyes were still viewable, and one of them had seemed to pop out. A cover was placed to protect it. I could tell my left arm was badly twisted, similar to a board I was able to break with my hand. My mum, a karate teacher, taught me that.

Speaking of which, I had to find Geri, but I didn't want to leave my body all alone with a group of people, who was pretty much to pull off something straight from a mad-science film. Along with a sharp scream, Geri had suffered a broken right leg and some burns. I didn't have much of a choice... I had to leave it up to chance. I tried to see if the others were all right, as many were also hit by that bolt. Suddenly, I had a strange feeling, then it went black again. All, I could do was hear all the voices, hoping no one was... until I heard her. My mum was informed, she had to the hospital... distressed. I never have seen or heard her do that over anything like this. I wanted to make sure that she was okay, but I wasn't able to do so. I found out that moment I was able to pass through one of the walls. I was starting to get scared but had to move forward. The last thing I saw of my body before another black-out was seeing it wheeled away to the operating suite. I wasn't able to process that one.

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