Part 20

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Later that afternoon, both me and Melanie were brought into one of the examination rooms. I thought about what Melanie had explained to both me and Nick. Melanie still had to go through other treatments for her eating disorder and that parasite infection, which turns out to be worse than thought. The squatters did a number on her, which could take a long awhile before she would see any improvements. We were also getting a host of calls, mostly from others in the medical fields... wanting to interview the both of us. Still, what was it that was bothering Melanie, which was making her cold to the touch. Melanie kept mumbling about being trapped in a container, almost like a freezer. I hadn't seen her in almost child-like stage for awhile, not just being treated like a baby. I had to wonder what was done to her, which was starting to get to her.

Finally, Melanie was given a series of questions about what she had to experience during one of her treatments, but she again, shut down. I was in a separate area while her examination was going on, as I had to handle the upcoming courthouse date I would attend. They needed to check to make sure it was safe to allow it for such a short time. Suddenly, I just froze in place, without moving a single muscle. However, what it got me this time was the likely reason on why Melanie seems to have shut down... literally. Luckily, it lasted for about less than a minute, but it was still chilling. Still, I heard a familiar sound, as Melanie was pretty much out. I wanted to check up on the matters because I had been there before. Again, I wanted to help but couldn't move at all and just blacked out. Strangely, I was able to get some images from one of the treatments Melanie was subjected to, likely being place in some kind of box. It took about a few minutes, but it was very intense for the both of us. When it finally calmed down, Melanie was bewildered on what was happening. Of course, Melanie become combative after that, which explain why an officer had to be present but it was going to take more than that. During that, Melanie managed to yank the G-Tube out of her stomach, with all due respects... a douche move.

I opted to request to be excuse, which was understood since I just didn't want Melanie to be seen going through that. About a hour later, a new G-Tube was placed and a new set of medication was given to her, but some of the content from her stomach spilled out... causing her some pain. Finally, we were maybe to get through the examination, which would allow her to attend the courthouse meeting but via video. The doctors noticed I was needed to help Melanie recover from that outburst and reduce the chances of another. Once we got back, I finally had to talk with Melanie about what they were doing.

"I hope my mum don't get word of that. She's already upset what I had to go through." Melanie said.

"I understand, you came going into both realms." I said.

"Sorry, the second I had that tone. It just freak me out but why induce that?" Melanie asks.

"Induce what?" I asks.

Melanie was clearly scare of something.

"Why won't they let me stay in my body?" Melanie asks.

"What are they trying? Killing you?" I asks.

I know I was being foolish.

"Why me? Why are they trying to kill me?" Melanie asks, starting to break down.

"With What!" I asked.

I was just dumbfounded.

"They already got to my heart, but what's stopping each time going to help." Melanie said.

"Wait... what" I asked.

Miller finally arrived, same with Victoria.

"She's just upset. Don't matter worse." I warned Victoria.

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