Part 16

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After that scare, it was agreed that we need a place of action to keep the seizures from happening. Now, our families was coming onto us about our astral forms, they'll likely want to see how it's did. I was pretty much stumped on how to handle the situation, after all this scared everyone involved... myself included. As a matter of fact, I needed a new pair of nappies after that, even though I had catheters. Yea, I was still unable to use the lavatory while my body was messed up. The kind of neck brace Melanie given was similar to the one I was wearing, without the extension. Despite the pleas, Melanie's birth dad still went into her hospital room, insisting that he see his only daughter.

All I could was just sit back, as I was too lethargic to even get involved. However, I still had to face up with the information about our astral forms, but didn't want to thanks to those seizures. A neurologist was called in, as the kinds of seizures that were happening were unknown. As a result, I had to get another screening since I was in a coma for two weeks and still having trouble with motor skills, which that infection made worse, hence the rehab. Finally, the neurologist had learned about the ESP examination and heard about the astral form, so she wondered if I could demonstrate. It was there I was pretty much confused at that she asked about my ability to enter my astral form, even though my family was still present. I was quite and got a break when an alert went out.

I breathed a sigh of relief but at the same time, I had a feeling that something wasn't right. There was an strange tone of silence, even the sounds of the monitors I was hooked up to weren't enough. It was rather haunting as I never had experience something like that before. When my mum left for a moment to check with Melanie's parents, I was considering if I should give it a try as I was still hooked up to one of the monitors. I finally had to crave in, enter my astral stage since I knew something had to be done.

I did knew Paul was still in the room when I had to left my body behind, but something tells me I need to go check out the situation. I was so focus, I didn't know my mum had gotten back to my room. Still, I needed to go to the area, which was in a separate building, connected by skyway... devoted to each different departments. I finally located the behavioural health ward, where I found out what was going on. I thought about leaving, until I bumped right into Melanie's astral. She scared the fuck out of me, but I calmed after seeing her body back on the gurney after her birth dad tried to take her out the hospital. The both of us just located a lounge to sit down and talk about what was going on.

"This can't be even happening." Melanie said.

"I know. I had to leave mine's. There's no way of getting out of this mess." I told her.

"I haven't bother telling my mum and... I don't even know what to do." Melanie said.

I noticed an elderly gentleman looked familiar, all he did was just looked at us.

"I don't wanna ask but..." I said.

"I know. I'm not sure what to do." Melanie said.

I just kept looking at Melanie, her body, her birth father, and the elderly man. For some reason, he was just standing there, almost like he was trying to tell me something. Suddenly, almost like a trance, he was signalling to us for something. I looked at Melanie and for some reason, the feeling had got the better of us during the confusion we were all watching.

"I hate to ask, but your dad did say something about what we're able to do." I said.

"What do you mean?" Melanie asks.

"While he was at my room, he mentioned about our astral stages. Right in front of my family. I hadn't told about it, yet." I said.

"He sometimes overdoes it. He just doesn't like when I get treated like a baby. He understands I'm an adult, but I never told him what happened." Melanie said.

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