Part 26

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After some time, I was able to relax. I still had dreams of returning to the pitch, while Melanie was playing some chess with Victoria. It was also agreed upon regarding our medicine management to manage the seizures we keep having upon returning to our bodies. It wasn't clear how often it was safe to exit them while our bodies were recovering from our injuries, but there was little that could be done. Melanie was still defiant when it came to any medicine in general, while I was indifferent as I knew they're trying to help. The kinds of seizures were mindbogglingly, which explain the possible range of treatment which included likely implant to keep them in check. However, they were trying to understand where most of them were coming from, as I had little damage in my brain, mostly some nerves. There was also a lot of attention to my rib cage, which was why I was still had that tracheotomy. They were getting worried my heart must've been affected, which could also put my football career in jeopardy. Fortunately, they explain it as implausible as I was doing okay in rehab. For now, my main goal is to be able to walk on my own again.

Still, I had to question what did I do to Melanie just now. I was still baffled as she seems to either mellow out or what? Melanie wasn't her usual rebellious self. I didn't bother with her while she was in the middle of a chess game, as she was recovering from that dosage of lorazepam she was given. I wasn't sure what amount she was given, but Melanie was pretty much like an infant for some time. It awhile for Melanie to come to her senses, as she continues with the game. I had to meet with some of the nurses to see what kind of treatment management I likely had to through. There wasn't nothing more than anticonvulsant medication we had been getting for some time, which can make us sluggish. I wanted to talk to Melanie about what does she mean I had to do something for her.

Finally, Miller arrived to see how we were doing, along with explaining on working on a method to manage the seizures we keep getting while still being able to use our abilities. I had to ask why we were experiencing while using the ability since they could spontaneous at times. Miller explains the main reason was them needed to know where the seizures were coming from, so they can find out which set would be the most effective of keeping them in check. We were going to have an MRI during the astral ability demonstration to see where the hot spots were at. It was my chance to speak with Melanie.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"What? Oh sorry, I just can't remember anything." Melanie said.

"Same story, not sure what was given. It was likely the medicine." I wondered.

"Did I look like a fucking baby?" Melanie asks.

"I had a hard time. I wasn't able to move at all. I mean, makes sense thanks to my spine, but I would've been able to communicate." I told her.

"They wouldn't let me have a say or decide if I should even be alive." Melanie said.

"What the fuck does mean?" I asked.

I was just as confused.

"I mean, should've I decide that. I feel like I just want to vomit but wasn't allow to that." Melanie said.

"I get when it comes to eating disorders, but there's always that hazard." I said.

Melanie knew what I meant, but to be fair, I still had a trach.

"What they're going to get is one pissed Celtic bitch with more than an attitude." Melanie said.

A knock was heard.

"Okay, we need to provide some medicine that won't affect the examination, it's just to provide some kind of pathway." An attendant explained to us.

"Has anyone have any clue why we keep having seizures or are there more?" I ask.

"That both the neurological and parapsychology departments are wondering. One of the few ways to get a scan of the brains for some clue." The attendant said.

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