Part 30

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The next morning, we were brought back in the rooms, to have our ESP abilities reviewed. This time, we were offered a sedative for pain control. I, of course, turned down the offer. Deep down, I just wanted to be able to return to some kind of normal life. I had been working on trying to walk further than two metres and move my left arm above my head. My shoulder had been giving me some problems given how bad it was injured, never mind my broken ribs. The doctors were astonished about my level of pain tolerance, as I continued my rehab. I understood why they were worried, but I wanted to explain that I didn't want to fall victim to any health problem. Even so, I had to deal with my growing ESP abilities. I thought about using my abilities to help with my body, but I opted not to. Melanie was in the same room, she was still distressed. This time her mum was with her, it was recommended. I know she needed some help but just couldn't put my finger on where to start. Melanie was pretty much reduced to a young child as far as her emotions were getting the best of. I felt something behind like someone was breathing. I checked.

"Sorry to bother, couldn't but notice" Nick replied.

"No worries, I'm just trying to figure out what am I going to do about Melanie. I never thought someone like her would be reduced down to what I'm seeing." I said.

"If only they would just leave me alone," Melanie said.

"Oh, didn't you there." I said.

"I know. My mum left for a moment." Melanie said.

"I just my mum's voice just now." I said.

"Oh... it's only a mother's instinct to check-up on their young." Nick said.

"I going to guess. They made you take the pill." I said.

"No, they gave me an injection on my bum." Melanie said.

"I'm going to you didn't have much of a choice." Nick said.

"Yet, they wouldn't let up. They think I lack the capability. I just want to tell them to stop. I'm not an infant." Melanie said.

Melanie started to cry, something that was extraordinary.

"Don't worry, I understand. I have to deal with people in similar situations." Nick said.

"Really... I thought you took a hard stance of those..." Melanie said.

"Now, now... everyone's different. You can't always be the one who has control." Nick said.

"What does that mean?" Melanie asks.

"There's no shame on asking for help, even the strongest have their days." Nick said.

Footsteps were heard coming towards us.

"I don't wanna be..." I said.

"Don't worry, happens a lot." Nick said.

Melanie's mum came back, just in time for Melanie to explain what was done to her. Both I and Nick just watch on as Melanie just broke down, right in front of her mother after bottling it up for too long. Not of us has ever seen Melanie in that of a nervous wreck, even when her mum tried to cuddle her but understood what was going on with her. Miller arrived shortly afterwards, but I opted to go first with the rounds because I wanted Melanie to recover first. Nick opted to stay with Melanie to help out.

I was brought in the same room as before, but this time it was to check out what kind of ESP abilities were forming. This time was about the moments before impact and tried to draw out the location from my point of view. I figure it was coming, but I felt it was likely had to be done if I was to move on. Of course, an EGG scan was being used to check out my brain activities. However, to do that, I would need to see if I can project a small image from the location. I didn't have to draw when I got hurt, but it was just to see how much I could remember about the location. Naturally, I was able to draw out the pitch in question. I felt it was rather a relief as I was just trying to move on. Yet, I still had to deal with the bloke who was drunk on that day. I left out much inside information about blood and guts as I felt it wasn't necessary. Just the location was enough. Then, I noticed a sudden reflex as I was going forward, but it wasn't as bad as before. I was calmly stopped, to allow the reflex to take its course. I was wondering if I would have to display by astral form but given my recovering, I had to be very careful.

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