Part 13

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It had been awhile, I was checking out if I can safely be allowed out of the hospital. It wasn't sure if it was safe for me to begin the outpatient treatment, but things were starting to pick up. However, I had been dealt with a major set back as I felt very sick. I had a high fever and a seizure pretty much left me paralyzed. Luckily, it was spotted quickly and was given some medication. It wasn't sure what it was but there was a concern of infection, which it was decided I needed to be placed back on the respirator full time once again... just to be safe. It was common among those who had been major trauma, and my immune system was weakened over time... leaving me as a sitting duck. Many thought, just like my parents divorcing when I was 11, as devastation, but being used to a busy lifestyle, it was nothing more than nonsense.

Still, I wasn't able to move as I was so much pain as a result. As a precaution, I was put inside an isolation chamber, which was constructed around my hospital bed. It was kinda cramped, but I was allowed many of my items inside to keep me busy. I was still allowed to have visitors, but they weren't allowed to touch without protection. It going to be done for a few days, just to be safe. I was wondering what would happen if I ever try my astral form while in isolation. Yet, I was still greeted by someone from the parapsychology department who had heard about what I had been going through. I still hadn't got into details about being able to go into my astral form, which I had to assume what he was talking about. However, I was also greeted by a court official who was working on the pitch accident as she needed some documents on my injuries but needed my consent.

I had to give the details for the questions I was given, from both departments as they were equally inquisitive on how I was able to relay the information. I didn't explain my brief moment in the afterlife, and what I saw. I felt it wasn't necessary as it was just one of the mill incidents one would see in the A&E. Still, I wasn't quite sure on how folks on the outside would react if they knew about what I was getting. I tried to focus on my recovery when I thought about Melanie after finally getting her to seek help. I was still asking myself on why was she freezing cold at times, as it didn't seem like part of any eating disorder I was aware. Of course, I couldn't visit her until it was safe as it wasn't sure how serious I was sick.

It was that moment I started to think why did she go downhill. I understood she had to be a certain look, but there had to be something more. Finally, I remembered how she would only accept liquids since I was sure many with an eating disorder, let alone anorexia, would eat some solid. Yet, I was aware Melanie had refused to eat with us around, which it's common. However, it had to deal with solids, but she was fine with drinking any liquid, like fruit juices. Yet, she had cut out proteins, but she could've easily drink a shake with such substance. I was rarely too sick to attempt to use my astral form to go see, but I was having a hard time staying awake thanks to the medication.

However, I was able to gain the ability to project some kind of remote viewing in order to see what was happening in a certain spot, but I wasn't interacting with anyone I saw unlike in my astral form. This allowed me to check out what happened to a select person in order to review what happened during a certain time. I don't like the idea of digging into someone's memory bank since I considered it an invasion of privacy. Yet, I understood if Melanie was ever going to recover, I need to know more about, same goes with Victoria. I was starting to think what she told me and Nick in that dreamscape was covering something up. I meant, it was common for someone to come up with a lie to cover their problem. Still, who was that girl, was it Victoria? What had Victoria done that lead to Melanie's health crisis? That was a chilling thought. Finally, I heard someone in the same room, it was only Nick.

"Major setback, I see." Nick said.

"I had worse. I'm starting to think there had to be something more Melanie is letting anyone on." I said.

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