Part 27

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 The following morning, I knew it was happening. Brandy and Mariah had come over to see how I was doing before going through the pacemaker operation. Celine and the others were at the courthouse as I was still didn't get medically cleared. I know it wasn't going to be a cure but it can keep our convulsions in check. Melanie was not too content about the idea, but her parents had to re-insure her that it was going to be all right. We were told where the most activity was happening after using our abilities that was causing serious consequences. As it was mandated, we had to be explained about the likely side-effects, look there was no quick fix. Brandy and Mariah noticed that Melanie was getting increasing distraught, prompting them to help her out.

Eventually, it was time for the moment. I was brought into the operating theatre and given medicine. I tried to stay conscious as it was rather common because they needed to check on things was going. However, I did had a strange sensation during the surgery, almost like I was splitting into two or more. Still, I kept going forward, knowing they were trying to help with my seizures as I was going have to demonstrate one of my abilities. I was given a piece of paper and pen to check my mental stage, which could also see how my abilities were being affected. After it was over, I was brought to the recovering room to rest up. I still had that pen and paper to check my mental stage in check but noticed a reduction in pain.

After about an hour, Melanie was finished with her rounds. She was still distressed about having to go through such but her mum was there to calm her down. It was recommended that we're given a few days of rest to our bodies to adjust to the pacemakers though I was still trying to walk on my own, at least for a short distance. Luckily, my motor functions were still intact, as I was still recovering. Melanie was still withdrawn, as she felt violated that her trust was broken. I wouldn't be surprised I was the one broke that trust, though she'll willing to forgive. Melanie knew I spoke against my will, trying to make sure she wasn't able to stop them from going anywhere near me. I was just wondering, what was going with Ratched as she seems to go into convulsions whenever Melanie was going to deal with her. Of course, I barely know what goes on in the ward Melanie had been placed before all of us were placed in the same room for our protection. I wasn't ready to even start asking or wanted to. It was up to Melanie if she wants to talk about it. If she doesn't, I'm not going to force her... like it seems to be going on. I wanted to check on her, but I felt it was best to let her rest despite understanding she needed someone to speak with. Then, I noticed her just lying in her bed, not moving apart from blinking at times. Then, I noticed that I was having that feeling myself. I thought it was just a glitch and opted to take find something get my mind off about for awhile.

About a few minutes later, a knock was heard coming from the door, which Victoria had to tell us. It was someone who works at the parapsychology department, who wanted to see us. They had been told about the surgeries and wanted to check to if there was any problem. I heard noticed Melanie had gone limp and spotted Ratched, though Ratched didn't act like the one I had seen in the films. Suddenly, it happened again. Ratched was somehow attacked by something no one was certain about it. Before a police officer could come, it stopped again. I noticed Melanie was partially conscious after that, but she didn't have a seizure that has been bothering us... at least that the usual kind. This time was similar to those drop attacks. Victoria noticed the whole thing but was left speechless. I didn't blame her. Yet, I had a theory that Melanie wasn't done with Ratched just yet. Still, we had to see what the folks that arrived wanted to see for. Finally, we have presented some items like Zener cards, likely to ease us into what was in for us since we had to go under the knife to treat the seizures. We explained that the method was likely to be recorded for our safety, which I understood.

One of the examinations was a set of containers and what was likely inside, which neither were informed. It was to reduce the chances of a false positive. It reminded me of a scene in an anime I watched as a kid, where a young girl, after her surgery, was given a similar examination with someone writing down the observation. Yet, I knew there was going to be the hardest part that we'll have demonstrated, but for now, they wanted to show that off until it was deemed safe. Melanie was very weak to move, which was expected. Still, they were trying to figure out what to do for Melanie since one day she'll be released. I wasn't given a release date as I still had to go move for more therapy to be able to walk again. Melanie was starting to come forward about what could've to lead to her health problems, which was a good sign. Melanie had started to come to terms with her mental health issues, that nearly killed her. She finally came forward about the choking incident that made matter worse. Yes, she had over had other mental health issues but often kept quiet, since I rather she talks about them.

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