Part 31

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The next morning, we were eating our breakfast. I was trying to focus on what was about to be for that day, knowing I would be going through another round of rehab. It was getting better than me each day, forgetting about why I was admitted to the hospital, to begin with. Melanie was starting to respond to treatment, at least her body was healing but she was still distressed. I wasn't sure on what was going on, let alone seeing her finally getting the message that she needed help for the longest time. The question remains on what kind of her downhill spiral since just choking wasn't just enough. I knew she hated to be confined thanks to some trauma as a kid, doesn't get me going on her fear of being buried alive.

Finally, during one of the sessions, Victoria pointed out about Melanie was being subjected to a mock funeral and her phobia. Victoria had to explain that it could've killed Melanie for good and asked if there was any way to help her. Melanie's birth father hadn't been around much to help his daughter, let alone visit her, while her mum has been. This time, we were going to be part of one of the talking treatments Melanie still has to go through, I was expecting the same kind of outburst if that Ratched lady was around. I wanted to know what was causing her to lash out at Ratched. I finally got a moment with Victoria, and ask her some questions about it.

"I'm standing to think Ratched was starting to get the hint. I mean, she didn't harass Melanie. She went after me." Victoria said.

"I know that. I heard Ratched was pretty much bullying her, and Melanie snapped. Don't blame her." I said.

"I don't know about her childhood, but I think she was bullied when she was a kid." Victoria said.

"I believe she was. Her bio-dad hasn't visited her as much, and I haven't seen her step-mum." I said.

"What do you think he said when Melanie was brought her." Victoria said.

"From what I heard, the second he learn about what she was able to do, he wanted to see it as he might've figured she had finally lost it." I said.

"I wouldn't be surprised if that comes up." Victoria said.

"Well, I'm going to be present this time around. Unless she wants to talk about it, I keep it to myself." I told said.

"I was listening to Melanie last night. I hadn't seen her being brought to that of a young child on an emotional level. Do you think her bio-dad and step-mum meant had something to do with it?" I asked.

"I'm starting place together that at least one of them had been hard on her." Victoria said.

A knock on the door was heard and the psychologist entered.

"Sorry, for that, I had to meet with the parents of the client." She explained.

"How is Melanie doing?" Victoria asks.

"She'll in shortly. I just need to get to know what I have to expect." The psychologist said.

"Well, she's prone to outbursts that's for sure. She was being harassed while we were at the psychiatric unit for eating disorders." Victoria said.

"By who..." The psychologist said.

"Ratched, who else... though" Victoria said.

Big mistake Victoria

"I know Ratched can be... was there anything else?" The psychologist said.

Victoria quickly covers her mouth and then looks straight at me.

"Whoopsie" Victoria whispered.

"More than that!" I responded.

Melanie arrives in the meeting room.

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