Part 15

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It took about another day before I was cleared, I was able to resume the therapy session I was going through. I had still thought about Melanie after that secret she kept was exposed to her parents. I could almost imagine what she has to be going through right now. Miller had told me that there was someone that needed to see us and had to do with the developing abilities. I wanted to ask her about Melanie but wasn't sure if I should. I figure I should talk to Melanie, myself in order to get this off my mind. While waiting at the meeting room, all of us brought there on gurneys, as usual, I finally had a chance to meet with Melanie because I needed to talk to her.

"Can't believe Victoria just had to?" Melanie asks.

"What are you talking about?" I quickly asked.

She caught me off-guard.

"I thought I had told her..." Melanie said.

"About what?" I ask.

"I understand you were trying to keep my parents from getting scared and wanted me to talk, but Victoria just didn't want to wait." Melanie said.

I had to assume it had to be about the choking incident. Melanie wasn't known, as far as I was aware of, to a breakdown in front of anyone, especially to her family.

"You can tell me what happened. What did she do?" I said.

I was known to keep quiet until the time was right, often yet the person talks first. It sounded stupid, but I didn't want to add more stress as there was.

"Well, I was in one of the talking treatments but with my parents, after they learned about how my health was worse they thought. They looked at me like I was a child that did something wrong. They demanded to know how I was admitted once for respiratory distress. I explained I got carried away from a joke Geri told, triggering an asthma attack." Melanie said.

Even I have to admit, it sounded believable despite what I had seen.

"I'm going to guess... they didn't buy that." I said.

I often suspect that her parents were pretty much well-hard, but for them to see a side of their child, it was hard to image.

"Well, they almost did, but Victoria was also present with David. David felt Victoria needed to do something if either of us was going to recover. Victoria was hesitant but was told about secrets that were blocking any recovery." Melanie said.

"Keep going" I said.

I knew David had something to do with this.

"David was pretty much quiet and understood Victoria didn't want to say anything. He was helpless as they wouldn't let him tell Victoria to be quiet, understanding why. Finally, she just had to say it." Melanie said.

Melanie was starting to breakdown, so I told her that she can stop. I was able to put to the pieces together on what happened. Melanie was demanding Victoria not to say anything about that choking incident, rather stuck with the asthma story. I tried to remember parts of what Melanie was choking on that day, it was some kind of bone. As I said, I can't remember exactly what it was, as far I knew, it was just alarming. I wasn't sure if Victoria was pressured to talk about what could be the cause. Finally, Victoria likely told me about what actually happened, which I could almost image seeing Melanie's reaction. I wasn't quite sure how her parents took that news.

I let Melanie trying to calm down, as we waited for Miller as she has to help with recovery effects. I tried to go for the projection viewing about the events I was piecing together. I was able to see the moment Victoria pretty much broke down as she tried to hold back as she didn't want to add any more stress. However, that round was very aggressive, as her parents were pressuring Victoria about the issue as she saw the look on Melanie's face. It was clearly evident that Melanie wanted Victoria to keep quiet, which was common, plus I was the only other one who knew the truth. I wanted Melanie to tell me about it, which was why I kept quiet. I had been there, Melanie would've me and decided if I should tell or not. It would've just let it be and let Melanie talk if she wants. At one point, someone made a point about me being very sick to speak up and likely was causing me some problems when it wasn't. The snippet of the details was just as strange.

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