Part 19

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The very next day, we were still shaken about what we all dealt with. As I kept my word, I gave Melanie her privacy when she had to be fed breakfast. I was still trying to understand about what just happened, as I knew we'll need to handle a lot during the day. Victoria was still upset for what she did, though Melanie had forgave her. However, I felt something strange that was present, same with the assistant. Despite it, I tried to get my mind off that and just focus on the news we were given about the ESP examination.

I tried to stay as focus on another task as I could in hopes of getting to the bottom of this problem. I tried kept thinking about that message, 'not yet'. What did it mean, why did it gave me these abilities, and why would anyone else would want in on them? I given my check-up, as they needed to see if the swallowing on my legs had gone down. I was quite relief I no longer the pressure garments, but I still would have to be mindful of the grafts that were done. However, I was still trying to walk again despite the bandages, as they were designed to be limber. I was able to be less dependent on the respirator, allowing me to move further than possible. I was determinate to be able to walk on my own power, once again.

After the morning routine, Miller arrived to help with the recent ESP examination while trying to make sense on the news being leaked out. Melanie was given a check-up and there was some improvement on her physical health, but there was a concern on her mental stage. It was still unclear if she'll regain some mental capability to even be allowed have outpatient treatment. Victoria was interested on how our abilities were going as she was still surprise on how we were able to maintain control. I still unaware if I should fully explain about the matter, but I knew the walls were coming down. I remembered a famous meeting where such walls were to be taken down, but I hadn't thought about using as a metaphor for this mess.

As of yet, I had to move forward as knowing full well that there was no turning back. We were given a serious of psychometric examination to see how far the abilities had gone. I was still unsure with myself as I still hadn't been able to explain to my mum about it but had paid attention to Melanie as she was having to go through. I had thought about seeking similar treatments since I wasn't sure of myself. The news about the ESP examination was still going around the press, making me being able to sense the rise in tensions. I still had to see if I can be allow to attend the court case involving the pitch accident. One of the first series of trials was happening that week, Geri and Brandy had to go there.

I was also given some puzzles to see how far one could go when it comes to enter a psychological state, but that had been challenging because of the seizures that often happens. It was understandable that it had caused us a lot of difficulties, having an effect on our physical recovery. Luckily, we were given medication to reduce the intensity of those seizures without effecting our abilities. I knew I'll have to demonstrate the ability to enter the astral stage to show a few selected people. It was something I was afraid that was going to be part of the process, thanks a lot to the side-effects.

After awhile, we were given time to rest up. Victoria and me were playing a game of chess, while Melanie seemed close off as she focused on a Rubik's Cube as her hands were still messed up. We figure such games could help with our recovery, or at least, take it easy from the ESP examination. It seems to be a lot more helpful as it would be helpful for our mental recovery after Victoria and Melanie went through a round of counselling. Melanie was still struggling when it comes to her consciousness after that bombshell information directed towards her. It was also gave us a chance to get our minds off what was going on in the media, as we knew that we had to handle at some point. I was wondering what 'not yet' meant as it was still on my mind. I had spoke with Victoria on the matter, as I thought she must've heard of something like that.

"I can image how the others must be feeling." Victoria said.

"I wish I was well enough to be there. There's a lot I have on my mind, but I can't seem to pin point what actuality it is." I explained.

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