Part 6

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The following day, I was still dazed from the examination I had to endure. The fever had gone down a bit and had been able to check out the suite. It was a welcome change from just staying in a single room all day, which can get boring after a while. I was starting to get some looks from other patients, as I haven't seen many of them in person. I almost felt weak but stay strong because I needed to help my friends out with their health situation. As I was being wheeled into the operating theatre, in order to have my eye dealt with, I noticed a strange people just looking and talking. While I was given medication to reduce the chances of a seizure, I ended up having another black-out.

While in astral form this time, I went to go to the area where I saw the group. As usual, my astral form had the football kit I had during the operation. I was able to hear what they were talking since I knew it had to be about me. While waiting in the room next to the operating theatre, I kept noticing one of the people entering the theatre... one by one. I was starting to wonder to know who were these people were and why me. After about an hour, I was able to return to my body, but this time both of my eyes were working. While I was waking up, I noticed the same group just looking at me. As I was being wheeled from the theatre, the assistant had to handle some paperwork. As I waited, I heard a familiar sound... it was Geri.

"Again, Geri... why..." I was about to asks.

"You know I can't just standby and let..." Geri said.

"Don't you mean wheeled?" A voice behind asks.

"Who was that?" I ask.

"Oh... I was given a flatmate despite my dismay, claiming I was a flight risk. What the fuck they think I would be that." Geri said.

It was quite a relief to hear some profanity in awhile. Hey, it breaks off the stress.

"Well... stay still." It said.

"I'm going to assume..." I squeaked.

I try to move to face the women.

"It's gotta be a chore to keep your neck still, not to mention your entire. That has to be nightmare." Geri said.

"I know, it's been a long since I was able to sit-up. Try dealing with a tracheotomy." I said.

"Did they say when it'll be taken out?" Geri asks.

"Just soon as my jaw is unwired. Even then, they'll likely place a speaking value due to the fears of my neck. For a decannulation, a date hasn't been set." I said.

"What's that man who was with doing?" Geri asks.

"He's getting some paperwork." (I looked around.) "Geri, do you know any idea on who were those people?" I asks.

"I think I had heard about them, but I'm not sure what's going on." Geri said.

Geri looked over to the doorway, she wheeled in a chair towards me. Don't ask.

"I don't why every time I go, it causes an issue." Geri said.

"Well, it could be a fear for your health, not only your leg. I just speak with Melanie last night. She was upset about being admitted." I told her.

"For a burned hand, then why the ward that's she's on." Geri said.

"She broke out. I saw the whole thing." I said.

"You did?" Geri asks.

"You know I'm having trouble talking and froze in place. I'm just lucky anyone could understand what I was talking about." I said.

"How come she got admitted for something that she can handle at home with just extra caution if they couldn't find any else wrong? In fact, how did she get a heart attack if doesn't have a history?" Geri asks.

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