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BLURRED HEARTS ~ Kaira SS🌍❤️ [✓] by SiyaChandna
BLURRED HEARTS ~ Kaira SS🌍❤️ [✓]by Siya
It will start from Kaira Milan after Shubham death track, but not as same in the show! peep in to know more☺️
Akatsuki's Kids by Kvzia13
Akatsuki's Kidsby Kvzia
Necro a Girl and Her Twin Brother Scout. Kids of the Akatsuki. Here we go though their Lifes. They will get friends/enemys and love comes.. And all of the other hell wil...
The Aftermath  by bubbleblast27
The Aftermath by Rosie
when a witness confronts a bully, her life changes further. ** Attention!! This is a sequel!! If you're interested in this book; I suggest you read HAUNTING HEAVEN fir...
Akatsuki Left by Kvzia13
Akatsuki Leftby Kvzia
This is a Story of the Akatsuki.... Tf2 and some of My Ocn might come into it to
Red Scout Is A Baby  by Kvzia13
Red Scout Is A Baby by Kvzia
When the RED Scout drinks something that makes Him become a Baby, the BLU Spy is Gonna be the one to find Him. And takes Him back to The BLU Base. Will the RED Team beli...
I Wasn't At Fault (One Shot) by adhira_23
I Wasn't At Fault (One Shot)by Adhiraa ☄️
Naira confronts Swarna One Shot..
Beyond All- Book 1 (Completed) by BrittanyLeigh8
Beyond All- Book 1 (Completed)by Brittany
Brooke is a small town girl from North Carolina just starting to figure out who she is just as a mysterious guy shows up. She instantly starts falling for him but there...
Business Partners?? |✔| by dYnAmIc_123
Business Partners?? |✔|by _A_
"So you're married? " "Ah yes! A happy married life. You? " "Hmmm..yes... Am married too. " Ragini Kapoor and Laksh Maheshwari have been aw...
Only Hogwarts by Kvzia13
Only Hogwartsby Kvzia
What Happens if you Mix Itachi, Tobi, Obito, Kisame, Deidara, Ino, Hidan, Kakuzu, Sasori and Sakura with Hogwarts School. Even My Own Characters also like other anime/ga...
Todo por amor💕{Jaden Walton X Reader} by Todoporamor3
Todo por amor💕{Jaden Walton X Todo por amor💕
What happens if the Walton's be friends with y/n and her cousin Alyssa and will Jaden confront his feelings for y/n 🤔 Swearing is in this book!!!
Time To Prove Love |✔| by dYnAmIc_123
Time To Prove Love |✔|by _A_
"I love you!" "Prove it!" "Its TIME TO PROVE LOVE." What will happen when Two love birds have a challenge in their way? Ragini, who is stu...
Akatsuki Gets A Scout by Kvzia13
Akatsuki Gets A Scoutby Kvzia
What Happens when the BLU Scout is lost Outside in a Snow Storm and can't find His way back? What are the Rest of the Team goning to do, when they Can't finde Him. Are t...
anxious wreck ❥ by JuliaBarattoFreitas
anxious wreck ❥by Júlia
❥ How can a tiring day at work end up being so decisive for a relationship? "That's the only reason why I've been here for so long: because I knew that my mission w...
IRL by lars_universe
IRLby Your Local Writer
Ever wonder what it feels like to be me? Alone That's all I ever and will feel _________________________________ xX-jaceolace-Xx better known as Jace Lance is the gaming...
Divided Home; Divided Family by Jayme_Lyn
Divided Home; Divided Familyby Jayme Lyn
Cassie Boulden and her younger brother, Chase, have always had a pretty normal life with their caring, loving family...that is, they did up until that fateful day when t...
he saved me (But he's A Killer) by perfectgirl12
he saved me (But he's A Killer)by perfectgirl12
a girl who works in the play boy mansion gets saved by a stranger who is not human and something goes wrong will she love him or will she leave him forever and escape fr...
Laughing with the Sinners by rayychxo
Laughing with the Sinnersby rayychxo
Virginia Hertz has a reputation- and no, not particularly a good one. Her parents sent her to a Catholic school to straighten her up, but everyone already knows about he...
I Hate You, I Love You by _brianna_07
I Hate You, I Love Youby _brianna_07
Emma and Killian have been happy for years, the perfect story of best friends turned lovers, but all of that changes, when a ghost from Killian's past came back and thre...
Memories We'll Never Forget  by TheCreativeTwins
Memories We'll Never Forget by TheCreativeTwins
Welcome to Rainbows and Unicrons!....Wait...wrong starting entry......*choughs!*....Welcome newcomer to Gravity Falls!! A place where the supernatural can happen anytime...