Part 2

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After some time, I often noticed some strange lights for some time. I noticed the reason a few strange people entering my hospital room. One of them was talking about recruiting a specialist if I ever wake up, since if it was safe, to remove the tube. It didn't take long for me to understand what was going on. My eyes were being checked out, looking for any changes. A nurse had been coming daily, cleaning my airway for the day can I breathe on my own again. However, I was able to hear something had happened in the hallway, around the lift. There was an alert that was sent out, and it was a Code Blue. I was quite baffled at that point. While still stuck in the astral stage, I went to where the alert was sent out. It was there I met up with Melanie, or at least her astral stage. Well, it was one way to stage an intervention. Her body was on the ground, not moving.

I had to pull Melanie away from the area, she was rather distressed. It soon went bright light came over us. We were baffled at first, but it soon dims and resulting in us in an empty waiting room. Melanie was just thunderstruck. There I was just standing in front of her, knowing we weren't able to get our bodies in a dangerous time. I didn't want to alarm her about a likely sectioned order.

"Are we dead? How come we here?" Melanie asks.

"No, we're not. We're in what many would call oblivion." I ask.

"I was just..." Melanie said.

"I know. The news must've gotten to you. I could tell they're trying all they can for me. Right now, I'm worried about you." I said.

"Wait, how is that possible? I mean, the last I heard. In fact, that was the reason why I had to come over. I wasn't sure if you'll make it." Melanie said.

"If I made it this far, it's likely. For now, I need you to be strong. A heart attack was bound to happen. I wished I had to talk to you sooner. I'm pretty sure you saw what happened to Victoria." I said.

"I was wondering what happened to Victoria. I haven't seen her in a few days, same with you." Melanie said.

"She checked herself for rehab for an eating disorder, not to mention she tried to..." I told her.

"She what?" Melanie asks.

"Look, Victoria had a heart attack as well, and Geri almost had one after the moment of impact." I said.

"How were you able to see her if you can't wake up?" Melanie asks.

"Well, I had to study on how enter a dream zone. I can almost hear what's going on. Just listen." I told her.

I had to show the echoes of the sounds she was listening to all over the A&E.

"Oh my..." Melanie said.

Melanie couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"How can this be?" Melanie asks.

"It's called an astral plane." (I had to teleport us to Victoria.) "It took me a while to understand how to control it." I said.

"Why are we in her flat?" Melanie asks.

"It's where I had my brush with death." Victoria said.

Melanie almost fainted. Both me and Victoria had to help her.

"We should head over where you nearly died..." Victoria said.

"Good call" I said, which I couldn't believe that I did.

I had to teleport them to the football pitch, where it happened.

"Figure you needed some air." Victoria said.

We found a place on the bench that was the closet.

"You were attending a football game," Melanie said.

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