Part 10

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The following morning, I was starting to be able to walk for a further distance but still limited because of my back. My tracheotomy was checked out as the usage of the respirator was being reduced, my ribs would still need to be checked out. It was mostly when I'm sleeping is where I'll need to be on a respirator, otherwise, I can try to breathe. Things were seeming going smooth, yet I still wondered what was going on with Melanie. The thought about her, almost forgetting about the ESP team studying me as like an experiment. Still, I was still having trouble controlling my astral projection abilities, thanks to blacking out. While I was checking out the rounds, I heard a loud scream.

I wasn't sure what was going on. I was left in the corridor for a brief moment during the chaos. I wanted to look to see what was going on but couldn't thanks to both the pain and braces. I just wanted to return to my room, as I didn't want to cause any trouble. However, as I was doing so, I was stopped by someone who needed to see me for some reason. I thought it had to do with my sports medication but had a gut feeling it wasn't the case. I was brought into a strange room I wasn't familiar with, but I was able to recognize the people in there. It was those ESP team again and was anything but smooth.

I was placed on a bed in where what looked-like an MRI machine, which has been outfitted to handle a Halo Brace I was still wearing and was careful with my arm injury. The respirator was also adjusted. As I looked around, I tried to make sense of what was going on inside that room since I was in some serious pain to move. Soon, I was greeted a person in a laboratory coat, who had a series of questions for me while I kept looking at the machine I was being hooked up. It was almost like the time I was in a coma. I was strapped to the table for safety, as some of the types of equipment often moved. It was like a scene in Akira, you know where someone was placed in a similar device.

I thought about what could be possibly going on, tracing back to the pitch accident. However, I was starting to fall asleep, as I didn't notice about the medication I was given. I thought it was a radio-contrast dye, which was common to allow the technician to see the X-Rays. I struggled to stay awake because I wanted to know what was going, but it was the kind of struggle I wasn't able to win. When I passed out, I ended having the OBE again. My astral form was present, and it was spotted. I wasn't sure why chosen for whatever the people wanted to see me for. I was asked to enter a room, which was kinda unsure about what was going on with me. As I was very nervous and knew it had an effect on my body I had to leave behind in the other room.

I was seated in the strange, still thinking if this had to be a dream because there couldn't be a way for someone to see what I was. Suddenly, I tried to get away from the situation to calm down but it led to the day Victoria was sent to the hospital. Looking at the date on in A&E, it was about two days after the pitch accident. I soon saw Victoria being taken in on a stretcher, with her left hand covered in bandages but still bloody up. The medics were trying to help her as she was found unconscious, which they were able to get some response. Then, I was somehow at the local gym, where Melanie was after a long day at the gym. Many of the fellow judokas had been noticing her frame and begun to question it. I could never figure out why Melanie wears her swimwear in the public showers, but I didn't feel like asking. The telly in the locker-room was reporting about the pitch accident, and there wasn't a shortage of folks paying attention to it.

Eventually, I just found myself back in my body and in my hospital room, not sure about what was that all about. When I woke up, all I could do was just look around the room, trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I tried to sit up, but I was in a host of pain, which I didn't care. I just wanted to know, what was that all about? For the rest of the day, I just focus on some forensic studying, just to get my mind off what I just went through, seeing if I could apply for a job in forensic at some point. Suddenly, I had a strange feeling that I couldn't explain, almost like someone was trying to speak with but wasn't there. It was staying scare me, but I had to remain calm as there had to be a reason.

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