Part 8

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When the day finally came, I was brought into one of the rooms for physical therapy. I was finally able to get the meeting with those people off my mind for awhile. Given my background in football, I was seen by a specialist in sports medicine and was mindful about the tracheotomy. I was starting the process toward decannulation as the respirator need was being reduced, though a kind was planned to allow me to breathe in case my seizures go at it. My body had to get used to being able to function before the accident. It was mostly due to my back thanks to the broken ribs had done a number on my lungs. I rarely complain despite the amount of pain I was frequently in.

Despite this, the thought about those men were still on my mind, wondering why would they want to know what was on it. I was checked to see if I stand for a period of time, which was needed to be able to walk again despite legs being bandaged. A special kind of compassion was used to allow me to move legs. It was unclear if I would be able to return to the pitch as a player, though I could do as a supporter. For now, it was the off-season while the most of us to recover. My newfound abilities were also getting the attention of the police department, making me take an interest in forensics. Since I was still going to be recovering, I might as well take up a course to keep me busy. Yet, I still I wondered about what was going on with both Victoria and Melanie, though I had heard the former was allows to explore the suite for awhile. This allowed her fiancé, David, to come over to see how she was doing. It was finally allowing me to see how she was doing, while I was waiting for routine therapy.

However, during my physical therapy, I noticed the specialist looked very familiar, as if I had seen him before. I wasn't quite sure on what was going on, but it was respectable to see someone who had a lot of patience. As I was struggle to trying to stand for a brief moment, he was just tranquil... not rising a voice. He looked actually like Nick, the very one. I had a chance to get a closer look and noticed that he was wearing a similar to Nick's except he was dressed similar to a member of the Royal Military Police. Despite it, I was too focused on recovering to be bothered with him, but he also looked like that priest I saw on the pitch. Were these blokes brothers or the same bloke? After the session, I was very sore, which was expected, but I noticed Victoria waiting for something. What was it, I wasn't sure since she's had admitted herself to the psychiatric ward. Thanks to that, Victoria can request a leave if she wants, but I noticed that she was asking for an extended stay, which David with her. David was besides himself, but he understood how frail Victoria was, putting her at a relapse. It was clear there had to be something more than a simply eating disorder, if that was possible. I did hear about the diagnoses of rickets in the both of them, which it's rare in adults. Abruptly, almost like on cue, Victoria was wheeled down the corridor by a nursing assistant, who suddenly needed to grab some files. It was there I was finally to meet up with Victoria, as I just returned to my room.

"Busy day?" Victoria asks.

"I know. I'm still in pain but can deal with it." I said.

"Been awhile since you can speak grunting, I almost starting to get used it." Victoria said.

"It'll still be awhile before for the decannulation, it's mainly to due my rib cage being messed-up." I said.

"That's gotta... well" Victoria explained.

"I know. Say, how's Melanie's doing? I wasn't sure if I should meet up with her." I said.

"You won't believe done this one. She tried to escape again over night, after pulling that IV drip out and manages to free herself in order to get that tube out. I was with a different group when she made another attempt. I found myself laughing at her for that but tried to hold it in." Victoria said.

"What made her think that would work?" I asks.

"She didn't think that through. She suffered some bruises, a busted right leg, and now a broken neck, after trying to escape again, this time with the chute. She went straight down. It's not even close to what they did to her next." Victoria said.

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