eighty eight

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chapter 88
"what I truly desire"

this city is lined with stardust
and it always twinkles,
it always sparkles just for me.

i love it at night,
when you can see the
city lights and club signs,
it makes me feel free.

when i'm in the car
and whispers sing through the radio
i feel complete.

and the moon,
when she looks down on the
crowded pavement below her
i can feel her smiling.

I feel the energy
sourcing through my veins
like a speedboat through a wave
and i begin to think in

the world i left behind,
is incomparable in contrast
to the stone i walk on now.
cause this city is my home.

and when the men come
around the corner
giggling and laughing
i smile to myself.

cause most people would
disapprove of their lipstick
and their heels

but in reality,
they are the stardust
that lines the city.

and i am an angel
flying above, contently
watching from the moon.

i love this city.
and i am free.
i am complete.


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