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one|guardian angel

my eyes glistened upon tears                           when I heard you sayyou'd always be here                              not a moment awayi didn't quite believe it                                I'm not one to playbut I knew when I felt you   ...

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my eyes glistened upon tears
                           when I heard you say
you'd always be here
                              not a moment away
i didn't quite believe it
                                I'm not one to play
but I knew when I felt you
                          I was going to be okay

when I saw that light
                                 it was so blinding
but it was so beautiful
                   it wrapped around my body
and looped it in my mind
             it stayed with me in my dreams
and happiness i'll find
                       and happiness it means
you don't back down without a fight
                   with you by my side i know
i know that you'll protect me
                          nowhere else you'll go
without me by your side

                         your wings remain soft
as they brush against my skin
                   and the sky hugs you when
you cry because all I can do is speak words
             words that hold deep meaning
in my heart and to the lord
                   but now I see you leaning
over my shoulder
                 you're kissing me goodnight
your light has never been bolder
               as you tell me it will be alright

I close the night with a pillow
              no more crying myself to sleep
because I know you made me a willow
                      so no longer I will weep
goodnight guardian angel,
                   in my dreams we will meet.

the next morning i wake
       with a smile across my happy face
because i know you're with me
                                and all your grace

it's hard for me to say
                     but you're one like a river
on the surface you lay
                      and if you'll start to shiver
embrace me you may
                       but you must remember
my memory of you won't fade
                           like a cold september
lasting in its days

                  you're not here, i tell myself
something so beautiful must fail to exist
                 but somehow I feel you near
on my cheek you kissed
                  out of my eye comes a tear
the many nights i've missed
                          with you right here

all along I didn't know
                   wings like yours could flow
out into the clouds and back in my arms
      like a bird trying to return from afar

another day has passed
                 so goodnight guardian angel
i trust you're not a fable
                       and as I drift to sleep
your loving I keep

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