sixty three

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chapter 63 | father

when I speak to you on the phone,
I struggle for things to say.

you ask me questions like
"how's your day?"

and all I can think of is
the time you left, that day.

you laugh when I say my depression is finally being gentle with me

like you're incapable of understanding or having any empathy

when I tell you I have made friends
you ask me

"have you found a boyfriend?"

like that is the biggest priority a girl should have

maybe that comes from the shallow interior of your heart

which needs a woman to keep you from falling apart

I can't say I feel bad for you.
that is another mistake I've made with you

you still continue to torment my mother
and my sister

I guess that's what you do

some days I wish you were around
but now I am more than happy to lose you.

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