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four|the light

kiss me once                       hurt me twiceyou bleed out black                        with the glow of whiteso easily perceived                         as the love of my lifebut it's she that i knew                         died before lightin...

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kiss me once
                       hurt me twice
you bleed out black
                        with the glow of white
so easily perceived
                         as the love of my life
but it's she that i knew
                         died before light
in all of her vain,
                             glory and depth
all she could feel was
              the lack of craved strength
lying in that ghastly bed
              later to be discovered dead
unconscious and numb
                        still trying to run
away from her life
                          the one she took
in the strike of a blaze
              with those eyes full of haze
she tried to hang on
                               but inside
she knew she was gone
                          now nothing but a
pretty figure
                 and a mind that tricks her
all because of that
                            lonely bed and the
noise in her head
                      brought her life down to
that fatal night
               i whispered, please, my love,
find the light

sophiex10 [credited]

-if u ever want me to publish one if your poems just message me!! -

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