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why am I so              hard to lovewhy can't he           just pull me intoa hug and            wipe my tear withhis glove

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why am I so
              hard to love
why can't he
           just pull me into
a hug and
           wipe my tear with
his glove

why can't I see
          a good person when
they're here
         i always end up thinking
they're to fear

it doesn't seem fair
          how everyone else
gets everything
          and they have it all
without a care

             do you realise
how fortunate you
            are to have someone
to call yours
           and never have to
feel lies on
             your heart as if
someone cut it
             in a separate part

i tell myself
           the time will come
where i can
           love someone and
we won't have to
            doubt ourselves

if someone came along
            I'd probably pray
on a miracle
           'cause thats the
shit I hear in

i want it to be
             just you and me
happily forever
         I'll never want to
flee like I do
        now since you'll

— ; a.m



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