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 these memories, I hold               them much like i held               you ; close

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these memories, I hold
               them much
like i held
              you ; close

l thought it
           would stay this
way until we
       were pale and old
but the words
      in my head, they
spelled out 'no'

from then I
       knew somebody like
me could never
       hold you close
because you
       were a rose and I
was just a

never thought
         I'd even get the
chance to make
          you crazy
but i guess
          that's love, and
there's no
          point in being lazy.

so I have to
         say goodbye now
I know you'll
         find someone better
so that you
       can tell them you
love them
      aloud with a capital
        and hopefully
they'll know that
           they're the
luckiest girl around
and little
           do you know
you've already
           met her.

— ; a.m

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