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once upon a time                    there was a girleyes so bright                    you'd mistake themfor a dime                     hair so silkyyou'd mistake it                      for a pearland so suspenseful                    you'd mistak...

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once upon a time
                    there was a girl
eyes so bright
                    you'd mistake them
for a dime
                     hair so silky
you'd mistake it
                      for a pearl
and so suspenseful
                   you'd mistake her
for a crime

                but it wasn't always
like this
            before she changed
her name
        her mother she'd miss
so dearly and
            quickly, sadness
it came
             every single night
that mean woman
                   she'd hiss and
all the girl
           wanted was to be
claimed as
          the daughter a
family loved
         and gave her a
goodnight kiss
        but instead she
got a flame
       one that burned out
with no reminisce

          through the mirror
she didn't see beauty
                 but just a girl
who nobody loved
          even when she
saw herself
         clearer, she still
saw nothing but
            a girl with
death duty
— ; a.m



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