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eighteen|that night

live is an evil          thing, testing yourpatience and          how much you'll takeuntil you fall for          the demons

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live is an evil
thing, testing your
patience and
how much you'll take
until you fall for
the demons

but you, you
were strong, and
after it all
you stayed standing
even when you
knew you didn't

you were soon
so happy
and delightful
and you knew
all the battles
you'd fight for
all with a
beating heart and smile

but then
that horrifying
night you
watched her as
she let you
      die on that bed
so scared,
       lost and numb
you bled
       from the inside
but not to the
       out which meant
no evidence was

and as your
        soul left you
you had to see
      a sight nobody wants
to - the man
       you loved cradling
your empty body
       in his arms

that you'd be
       okay, he'd plead
but he knew,
        and you knew,
you were gone.

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