fifty four

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fifty four| heart or head

here's the thing

every lover i have ever been with,

has displayed their love to me physically,

and so, when you tell me you love me

before our lips touch

my sins are above me

and i know this will not come of much

because when you hold my heart

before you hold my hand

it's like admiring the art

on an empty canvas

you are inspired by the feelings,

i am inspired by the touch

you'd rather know the meaning

and i can say too much

but here's another thing

i will show you my body before my soul

because you could never smoke a cigarette that isn't lit

or ignite a fire under water

you cannot take back what you give,

and so I present to you an offer

before i show you my world

explore every fold in my skin

every shape in my hair that curls

it is important before i allow you within,

for you to understand the anatomy of my soul

before you learn the knowledge of my mind

my body is what you're sold

and my brain is what you're told

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