one hundred and fifteen

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chapter 115
"someone new"

i don't think i need
to tell you
that i love you

i think we do that everyday
bundled in our laughter
and our summer nights

are unspoken words
which communicate our love
and maybe i'm crazy
in fact

maybe you don't love me at all
and maybe i'm pretending

but my love

it is not the same with anyone else

when i experienced heart break
for the very first time
buried in a glass of wine 

you stayed

and even after i was ok
i still looked for you in other people

and i still wanted you
no matter how little we spoke

we remained close

and now i've moved on

i've found someone new

she gives me the blues
and she keeps all of her secrets
tied up in chains

and i cannot undo them
no matter how hard i try.

and with you it's easier
because you make me laugh

and all of our love
is tied up in daisy chains

and don't you get it

i am in love with you

and i've only ever wanted you

no matter how hard i tried to push it away

you're the only one

who it feels right with

and my new girl
thinks she is in love with me
but she doesn't even know me

so i start to think

her feelings aren't real
and she will move on 
and part of me wants that
but then what will i do.

you see
i love you

and i can't keep


for you in other people

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