seventy eight

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chapter 78
"how i fell in and out of love with you at the same time,"

can't stop staring at the phone
wondering when i can hear you
honey dripping on telephone wires
it's getting hard not to fear you

honey where did you go
those nights i spent with you
seem so long ago

your personality shifts
ice cracking through an ocean
all the pain in your kiss
uttering you're broken

saying words i don't mean
'cause what's the use anyway
we are a form eyes can't see
honey listen to what my eyes say

whiskey dripped from my lips
as i muttered
"I don't love you anymore."
a tear to seal our kiss
confirmed our fate

in the mirror i see the face that you kissed
so delicately
but by the time i realised i loved you
it was too late

— A.M

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