ninety eight

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chapter 98

for a second everything stopped. it was just you and me. and the night was smiling. god, the darkness of the room took me back to april when i saw the demons inside of your eyes. the times that i nurtured you under the waking moon. my heart breaks and breaks when i remember the nights i prayed on you. the dark hours i'd spend cradling you, acting like holding you tighter would stop everything. but somehow it's fine. right now it is beautiful. we are in the same bed, with the same side of the moon facing us, and the same childish infatuation with each other. but everything has changed. still i will not stop praying on you. still i will wait by the door for you to come home. so i can show you all of the ways i want to love you. and still i will hold you under the moon light. one night everything stopped except our tender hearts. you told me you loved me and tears hugged my face for all of the times you pushed me away. for this i am so thankful for april.

-{29 march 2019}

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