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The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenarios  by zombielover8469
The Evil Within Boyfriend Scenario...by zombielover8469
I love this game. Just, all time favorite. All the characters I adore. Leslie is to die for!!So why not make a scenario book?! It might not get many views but oh well. X...
  • theevilwithin
  • sebastian
  • evil
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SAGE: The Sage Trilogy #1 by SJ_Holder
SAGE: The Sage Trilogy #1by Stephanie Holder
After her brother was murdered when they were just children, Sage Lycrart is on the hunt for her brother's killer - Raidan Suragi, who was once her brother's best frien...
  • action
  • soldier
  • adult
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His Princess by princessarixx
His Princessby Ari 🐳
Callie Pan. Peter Pans little sister, and his most prized possession.The sweetest girl you'll ever meet, but also the most scared and confused. She can't control her pow...
  • ouatfanfiction
  • ouatfanfic
  • ouatpeterpan
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Rwby got a keeper|abused and neglected male the keeper reader x rwby (completed) by derpydoge911
Rwby got a keeper|abused and negle...by derpydoge911
It was a nice day in vale and a happy family with taiyang,summer rose. Qrow. And raven with there kids ruby rose and yang xiao long,but there was one child they never lo...
  • within
  • harem
  • neglected
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Mad Hatter by halfwireparadox
Mad Hatterby Halfwire-Paradox
What's a mute little girl got to do to get out of a mental hospital? Nothing, because she can't do anything. When she reaches 25 she goes into Ruvik's mind to prove that...
  • ruben
  • theevilwithin
  • horror
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The Evil Within by N19HTB0T
The Evil Withinby N19HTB0T
Ruvik X Reader No time to escape No time to hide No time to love Only time to run You are detective with Sebastian. You and him are trying to find Ruvik. The man that sp...
  • within
  • xreader
  • evil
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Fairy Tail: Light My Fire (NaLu and RoWen Fanfic) by sakurablossom98
Fairy Tail: Light My Fire (NaLu an...by Cat
This takes places after the Grand Magic Games. Ever since Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games, the mages of this rowdy guild have been receiving missions nonstop t...
  • wendy
  • light
  • carla
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Ethans Anthology by Ethan_Writer
Ethans Anthologyby Ethan Alexios N
A collection of Poems created by a 17 year old boy. I hope you enjoy :)
  • mood
  • writing
  • poetrycontest
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A Billion "I Love You" (Elyar Fox FanFic) by MissGurlAlmighty
A Billion "I Love You" (Elyar Fox...by MissGurlAlmighty
They say "No Man is an Island". Is that really true? well for 17 year old painter Camellia Frost, it is NOT TRUE. why? click on "Start Reading" to k...
  • friendship
  • alone
  • stereotype
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Gone With The Wind by amycreates_
Gone With The Windby — amy ❀
healing takes time. HIGHEST: #64 in Poetry #2 in aesthetic poems #7 in spirituality poetry exploring spiritual and physical worlds and the emotional wellbeing of mysel...
  • angels
  • within
  • girl
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Dippers Tragedy 2 - The Demon Within by Story_Lord
Dippers Tragedy 2 - The Demon With...by Story_Lord
This is a sequel to my story 'Dippers Tragedy' Also, im making this along with my starco fanfic because of the different audiences i have reading so yeah
  • dippers
  • within
  • gravity
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The Power Within (Discontinued Until Further notice) by WildTipsy
The Power Within (Discontinued Unt...by WildTipsy
I was never close to my family. They treated me as if I was some filth that you can't get rid of. I thought there was something wrong with me. Sometimes I hoped that I w...
  • within
  • wolf
  • elements
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True Ending |The Evil Within x Reader| by Z0MB13B1T3
True Ending |The Evil Within x Rea...by " Z "
You are not particularly smart, you are not particularly strong, you are not like the others, but... if anything, you are passionate, and no matter what you get yourself...
  • joseph
  • theevilwithinxreader
  • kidman
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Deceit [Sequel to Within Time] (HIATUS) by pashiontea
Deceit [Sequel to Within Time] (HI...by ashley 🐟
Jeon Jungkook had finally decided to accept the fact that he might never remember his past. Even though he's accepted it, he had also made the decision to stay with BTS...
  • seokjin
  • yoongi
  • kim
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Obsessed by ExaltDenise
Obsessedby Denise.
You, the reader, and everybody else are apart of my little game. See, I'm not normal. I'm crazy. Delusional. Psycho. Those words taunt me every time, day and night. It d...
  • within
  • mindless
  • aprodigy
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When did we fall in love?(Ruvik x Reader) by LumiShadow
When did we fall in love?(Ruvik x...by PhantomSuccubus
Who is this pale boy?All she wants is to remember and to go home. Evil within is not owned by me nor are the characters mine. If you've never played evil within I 100% r...
  • within
  • gaming
  • tew
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Your Heart Will Lead You Home  by Slasherdicks
Your Heart Will Lead You Home by Slasherdicks
Takes place during Freddy vs Jason (my version) Jason Voorhees x Reader Jason Voorhees and Y/n are happily married now, but more challenges face the two of you along wi...
  • voorhees
  • within
  • humor
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I like to write by WanderingPoet116
I like to writeby Ronnie King
There's power that resides in the words of this book....a power that may compel you to believe the words you read....a power unbeknown to you ..but a power nonetheless...
  • love
  • poetrycollection
  • randomthoughts
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Unbroken Light Within (Areyesia vs. Bilanda) by BaylieNixon
Unbroken Light Within (Areyesia vs...by Baylie Nixon
Two young women, two young cells, two entirely different worlds. In this dystopian thriller, our heroines will discover shattering truths, the true meaning of survival...
  • cellsatwork
  • utopia
  • within
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Daughter of Markus by ShaknaIs
Daughter of Markusby Shakna Israel
First book of The Heart of Madness Trilogy, followed by Savrsen of Isein and Sister of Magick. Bethia was a young girl abandoned at an orphanage, until the day that Mark...
  • sanhurst
  • reality
  • library
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