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SCARLET HEART ✔️ by frozen_within
"rooh" he says and she curls up herself more into a ball trying to protect herself "please i-I am so-sorry I - I won't do-do it a-again pl-please leave m...
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THE BROKEN SOUL✔️ by frozen_within
"stop please" I called for but he didn't stop I ran after him and hugged him tightly from the back to stop him "don't leave me like this , please stay &q...
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elysian | *. ⌢➴ an oc book by the_storm_within
elysian | *. ⌢➴ an oc bookby ς੮૦Րɱ
ELYSIAN 【 adj. 】 beautiful or creative ; divinely inspired ; peaceful and perfect
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Rwby got a keeper|abused and neglected male the keeper reader x rwby (completed) by derpydoge911
Rwby got a keeper|abused and negle...by Gunslinger death
It was a nice day in vale and a happy family with taiyang,summer rose. Qrow. And raven with there kids ruby rose and yang xiao long,but there was one child they never lo...
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Lucid Dreams  by DerekMinor
Lucid Dreams by Derek Minor
Poetry as it is to me. Comments or thoughts are all welcome and please vote if you like it
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destiny calls ➵ naruto fanfic by the_storm_within
destiny calls ➵ naruto fanficby ς੮૦Րɱ
"Do you have any idea what it's like? To be surrounded by people, yet, your all alone..." Akari Mizushima, found in the woods at a young age. Terrified of othe...
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Truth Within by Darthsuki
Truth Withinby Daniel
A story isn't always with one road, paved with asphalt and leading one way. Sometimes there's others; gravel roads that lead somewhere else, telling the story of another...
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The Light Within (Dark! Jack Frost x Reader) by JasmineWillow
The Light Within (Dark! Jack Frost...by My Brain Won't Cooperate
"Why did you deceive the people who cared about you! They only showed you love and affection. It was never good enough for you, was it?" "I'm the boogeyma...
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His Princess by princessarixx
His Princessby Ari 🐳
Callie Pan. Peter Pans little sister, and his most prized possession.The sweetest girl you'll ever meet, but also the most scared and confused. She can't control her pow...
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SAGE (under edit) by SJ_Holder
SAGE (under edit)by Stephanie Holder
After her brother was murdered when they were just children, Sage Lycrart is on the hunt for her brother's killer - Raidan Suragi, who was once her brother's best frien...
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Within Her by Sathvik_P
Within Herby Sathvik_P
Within Her is a which is a strong reflection of an Indian woman who dreams to have greater things in life but unfortunately those turn out to be different. In this story...
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The Beauty Within by priya906
The Beauty Withinby priya
Quotes everyone needs to here sometimes🌹
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Deep Within (Miraculous Ladybug) by krisjxo
Deep Within (Miraculous Ladybug)by Kris
- • - WAS TITLED WONDER & AWE - • - Marinette is just a normal girl. Except for one minor detail that she doesn't tell anyone: She's Ladybug; Chat Noirs brave partner. A...
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Obsessed by ExaltDenise
Obsessedby Denise.
You, the reader, and everybody else are apart of my little game. See, I'm not normal. I'm crazy. Delusional. Psycho. Those words taunt me every time, day and night. It d...
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New Sensations - The Devil Within.. by NewSensations794
New Sensations - The Devil Within..by NewSensations794
(18+) (Mature content) I drift in and out of consciousness. Watching the bright lights flash by on the ceiling as I'm reeled down the hospital corridor. I start to cry...
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The 24 voices calls from beneath. by faustinafrancis2
The 24 voices calls from beneath.by Pearl francis
The 24 voices calls from beneath is a set of 24 incidents which really had a great impact on me.. the incident is true the backstory is fabricated..a little bit
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Whilst Pondering by Isodele
Whilst Ponderingby P R I N C E S S D
A book full of 'Life Realizations'. This is where you would find the things that you haven't realize before. Or you realized already but don't know what to do. Welcome...
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Mad Hatter by halfwireparadox
Mad Hatterby Halfwire-Paradox
What's a mute little girl got to do to get out of a mental hospital? Nothing, because she can't do anything. When she reaches 25 she goes into Ruvik's mind to prove that...
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The Evil Within by N19HTB0T
The Evil Withinby N19HTB0T
Ruvik X Reader No time to escape No time to hide No time to love Only time to run You are detective with Sebastian. You and him are trying to find Ruvik. The man that sp...
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Fairy Tail: Light My Fire (NaLu and RoWen Fanfic) by sakurablossom98
Fairy Tail: Light My Fire (NaLu an...by Cat
This takes places after the Grand Magic Games. Ever since Fairy Tail has won the Grand Magic Games, the mages of this rowdy guild have been receiving missions nonstop t...
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