fifty seven

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chapter 57


you are an ocean

you are deadly and you are musical
you are a door that's closing
as if in the coming seconds you'll lose it all

you are a window
you can only see from one perspective
into the cold lake i dip my toes
as i realise you are a sea

impulsively i dive into you

 i feel your water glide across my back

with the sun in my eyes, you sparkle.

you feel safe, like a home to me

and just as i rely on you

your waves engulf me

defencelessly I scream

but your water fills my lungs

and soon I can't breathe

as I hit the rock bottom 

I realise you were not an ocean

in fact you were a rain drop's worth of good intention

dripping down my face

making it impossible to pay attention

to my well being and my faith

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