sixty six

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chapter 66
"things I haven't told you"

you're balancing the whole world
in the palm of your hand

re-arranging the morals and routines
like they're nothing but
another one of your delayed plans

I don't tell you how I am
then again why would you care
I'm just a girl and you're a man
that's how you make it unfair

I wonder if you worry about me.
of course you don't.

why would you spend time on me?
it's not like you're alone

you have other things to worry about
like my replacement

and I don't want to make this about me
but it's the truth so face it.

you hurt me
without knowing it
and you blame me
without showing it

you're tearing me apart
splitting the waves of my ocean
and cruising through my rage

without a care in the world
you've trapped me in this cage

and I can't breathe

I hate it when you're here
but I hate it when you're gone

let's move on
turn the page



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