one hundred and twelve

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chapter 112

the plates he smashed
and the days he darkened

dripped poison on my family
like all of my spilled beverages

he seeps under my skin
and it tortures me

and i have never blamed him
for my mistakes

but he is the reason
that i am insane

like all of my scars
i wear his pain

and i don't deserve to
because he ruins me

yet i remain
an angel

like my feathers
spread out in the sky

endless thoughts submerge me
and i miss him.

i know i shouldn't.
but i hate that fact that

he doesn't need me
and i really thought

he wouldn't leave me
but here i am, drunk again

and my mind
won't stop drowning me

with the idea of him
when he was my dad

and now he's just another person
who has forgotten about me.

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