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where are you           my sweet angelwhere have you           gone? it seemsyou drove off           of the road thatblew you into         complete dangerand flew

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where are you
           my sweet angel
where have you
           gone? it seems
you drove off
          of the road that
blew you into
         complete danger
and flew

you flew high
         higher than the
peak of a mountain
         or the sun in the
       higher than you
were counting -
       but you were so
happy you could
      fly that you didn't
realise you were

my angel,
      find that light,
don't ever
      let it go,
because I
       have seen it
and it's
     brighter than you
could ever know

    so darling, don't
stay here
    be free, as hard
as it is
    for us, you've no
need to fear

you'll be happier
      happier than you
have ever been
      you will be with
people you love
       it will be your
own utopia
       my dear

so fly,
      as high as they
take you
       and embrace the
the light
      because to pass is
not to die.

— ; a.m

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