one hundred and one

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chapter 101
"you look so alive"

when he comes into
my bedroom

my bedside roses
bow their heads

and all he gets from me
is a pacifying look

that speaks for itself
in the way my eyelashes

dance for his

he watches my hands
when i run my fingers

through my hair.
he is so obviously

seeking innocence
in the things i do.

as i feel the air
begin to thicken

he chokes me
with his words

and i just sit there
so peacefully

taking in the melodies
he feeds me.

he says he can't wait
to experience me

and my window ledge daises
sing in harmony.

so i smile,
speaking with my mind

so subtly
tempting him

to come a little closer
so i can whisper

all of the ways
i want to destroy him.

— a.m   {1 april 2019}

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