one hundred and eleven

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chapter 111

discern sparkles in my eyes
over a coffee, and i say

i want to know how
his words make me feel at home

and how his smile
makes me feel whole

and how his voice
dances on the stage in my mind.

i want to know,

why can't i stop rivers
from pouring out of my eyes

when he is gone
even for a second.

why can't i stop fire
from burning up inside of me

when anyone challenges him
even for a joke

why can't i stop love
from grabbing me

when he sings
even just a few words

i just melt
under the idea of him

i am held captive
by his eyes

and i love it
more than anything i have ever loved.


i would like to know

how i'd let him deceive me
beat me, betray me

and i would still be stood here
absolutely empty for him

because deep down i know
he is so hurt

and i blame the world
for being so hard on his feet

because he does not deserve
anything just off of perfect

he does not deserve for
a drop of rain to fall upon his head.

but i know
that he has been ripped apart

at the hands of a man
who i wish not to speak of

and i would take it all
i would take all of the pain

if it meant that he
would only see sunny days

and he would
drink cocktails in the summer

with his friends
and he could watch the horizon

and feel so happy
and he makes me feel

all of those things
that fall under the term of


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