one hundred and two

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chapter 102
"the infatuation set me on fire"

in that moment
i was burning and melting
cause my eyes couldn't handle
the way he looked at me

his eyelashes flickered
like the flames
he ignited inside of me
and i
didn't know what to say
and i was insane
and i think he knew

cause that day
felt like sunday
and he held me
and i think i died when he smiled
cause it was the most beautiful
thing i'd ever seen

and the sun hugged me
and i just smiled cause
my eyes were so infatuated with him

i was kissing him
but only with my mind
cause my body and head
couldn't agree

but in that moment
i couldn't breathe
and i was so incomparably happy
that when i remember that day
i just remember the feelings
cause i'd never felt it before

and it was so insane
and i swallowed my pride
when he said my name
cause i felt all my cares go away

i wish i could re-live it
but it's better if i keep the memories safe
inside my head

cause that way
i can remember it
again and again

and remember how warm it was
when he looked at me
and remember how it felt
when i was burning so brightly
cause he held me

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