eighty three

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chapter 83

splashes of blue
roll down my cheeks
for the times it felt new
and all the promises i didn't keep

rivers of anguish
slither down my spine
for all of the madness
i struggled to hide

and all of the lies
oh, they keep me up at night
i keep asking myself why
and if it's going to be alright

i am too powerful for this universe
yet too weak for this man

i haven't been through it all
and i don't know if i can

shadows engulf me
and anger combined
to form a hideous complexion
that i should call mine

the phone rings again and again
should i pick up
or go to sleep instead

haven't been awake past ten
cause what's the use in being alive
i used to ask myself at a time when
my mind was surrounded in lies

is there ever a time when it ends
the ongoing insufferable pain
it tears me to shreds
and maybe i shouldn't complain
i should save it for bed
when my medicine takes away
all the pain ushered in my head

that's when i can really sleep
and reality drifts away

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