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Behind This Fake Smile by Maheen1331
Behind This Fake Smileby rebel
" behind this fake smile is the pain that lies, behind this fake smile are some memories alive, one is crying not just when the tears are falling, look at me...
  • mywords
  • lonely
  • deep
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Alphabets For You by shawteeee
Alphabets For Youby dan
to the person i love
  • alphabetsforyou
  • tothepersonilove
  • poems
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Storms In My Head by shawteeee
Storms In My Headby dan
just a collection of thoughts I wanted to say but didn't
  • love
  • poetrycollection
  • pain
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The Light [Poetry] by Inferno_Lady
The Light [Poetry]by Fatima Muhammad Sani
Islamic poetry collection!
  • spiritual
  • poetrycollection
  • deepthoughts
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Brøken/Depressed Pøems  by LostSoulBrokenMind
Brøken/Depressed Pøems by QWN
//My first poetry book// (Completed) A collection of some possibly triggering poems about depression and self harm.Some of these may be twisted and dark, sorry. Most of...
  • anxiety
  • poet
  • depressed
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my pending destruction | a poetry book by struckflower
my pending destruction | a poetry...by lexi🌻
all writings are raw, i only write when i feel l.p.
  • freeverse
  • love
  • teen
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poems | ✍︎ by xyz0ei
poems | ✍︎by z e i
e u t o n y (n.) the pleasantness of a word's sound. ✑ feel the words on your skin let them sink in ✑ started: 2018/05/28 ended:
  • latenightthoughts
  • daydream
  • poem
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big girls don't cry! by dikagustin
big girls don't cry!by Dika Agustin
soon or sooner, I believe the chaos will go away
  • poesia
  • quote
  • quoteoftheday
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Poetic Ramblings by zernothur
Poetic Ramblingsby ZarenI
The ramblings in my head I release through poetry...some deep and with stories and some stories that may be shallow or deep.
  • love
  • darkness
  • loveyou
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3am Thoughts by whisperedtorments
3am Thoughtsby whisperedtorments
Turning sadness into beauty one poem at a time
  • happiness
  • beauty
  • breakup
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The Mind Of A Poet II by ashleyvanezaperez
The Mind Of A Poet IIby Ashley
The Mind Of A Poet II, where I will take you to an adventure of ups & downs. Please join me on this wonderful ride of what we like to call Hell.
  • loving
  • broken
  • beautiful
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◇pøetry◇ by x_eccedentesiast_x
◇pøetry◇by broken hearts club
lowercase is intentional.
  • poetry
  • bisexual
  • lgbt
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The Devil's Love-Ridden Abuse II P O E T R Y  Second Edition by AckermanArtist
The Devil's Love-Ridden Abuse II P...by .
Ash stains on my jeans you're still on my mind cherry on my skin you're still there pain doesn't block you out freezing hands shaking body withdrawals from your warmth...
  • jaded
  • poet
  • boyfriend
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melancholy memories || poetry  by howaboutyesplease
melancholy memories || poetry by athena 🌺
in which the downfall of a girl's mental health is documented through a series of poems
  • memories
  • poet
  • depression
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Lost & Found by foldedsocks
Lost & Foundby Jairah
A collection of poems, proses and a hint of shattered feelings.
  • alone
  • romance
  • depression
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Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014, Collector's Dream Award Winner) by StoryofAshlyn
Stained Glass Souls (Wattys 2014...by Ashlyn
Ariel Fontansia is ten pounds away from total relapse. Since the previous summer, she has been stuck in a vicious cycle of calories, pounds, and inches. Redemption, Main...
  • betrayal
  • nanowrimo
  • thriller
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my poems by summerdrunk
my poemsby 2,132,679,923
a jumble of lovely words and sentences written by me as a creative release. most are inspired by my life and those around me. others aren't. have fun guessing. somehow...
  • bị
  • words
  • gay
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Rosētum  by gryffindor_poet
Rosētum by _gryffin._.girl_
Rosētum [latin] Garden of Roses
  • poet
  • poetsuniteawards
  • contests
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Tides by sunstormlife
Tidesby Some girl
Tides are always changing The sun and the moon arranging Beauty and destruction Like a artistic production Its all in the journey of riding the tide of life First pla...
  • dark
  • hardtimes
  • original
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Letters To The One That Got Away [Poetry] by ChrisAthenaXavier
Letters To The One That Got Away [...by ✈
Let me write you poetries, I'll turn you into metaphors, and I'll read it on rainy days, when i miss you. -C
  • unrequited
  • poetry
  • loveletter
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