fifty five

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chapter 55 | marilyn monroe - the last sitting

as I look at the last pictures taken of marilyn monroe

i have to remind myself that she was not happy

it is deceiving, how she looks at the camera.

the purifying width of her smile and the proud posture of her body language

suggest that she is the happiest she has ever been.

but i wonder if anyone noticed how drunk she was.

her teeth, white like pearls, distinctively her smile was beautiful.

her eyes would shine in the light, allowing you a glimpse into her heart
but that day her eyes weren't like usual

as she held the silk over her body,
just enough for you to see through,

her smile was playful
and i think this was the only photo shoot
where you really could see marilyn monroe,
sure, she can model a bathing suit
but would that really be her shown?

of course not.
the last sitting is important because
it is immensely heartbreaking and also uplifting at the same time

because you see her smile and how happy she appeared- and she was,
but only after she had placed her lips on the rim of a glass bottle
can't you see?
this was the happiest she ever was

— a.m

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