ninety one

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chapter 91

I will drown you out
and bring you up
at the same time.

I will make you cry
and make you laugh
and cross the line.

I will not take responsibility
for the actions of others.

men in suits
attaching strings to puppets
made out of stone

did they know
that they can't control us?

I laugh, nursing a cigarette
cause I've choked on the smoke
that set me on fire

and they seriously thought
that conjuring a flame
would burn me.

the irony
bites like frost

the men who hold the power
are the ones with a low tolerance
for pain endurance.

it's hidden in their briefcases
lined with black leather.
have you ever seen something so dull?

mean while - I bleed colours.
and it blinds them.

I think that they know they're
time is up
but with the stubbornness
of a bull

this is going to
stop the world
from spinning

oh i wish they hadn't
taken me for a fool
because now i have to
clean up their mess

and they're going to end up
drowning in their own pool
full of lies

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