13 - The Morning Admissions

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The sun slowly seeped through the partially open curtains, landing onto the bed and her face. The sudden light caused her to be come more aware of her surroundings - more than last night.
The entire room was made up of neutral coloured furniture, to compliment the dark shaded walls. There are two doors - the exit and en-suite bathroom, a simple dresser and a large full length on the opposite wall.
There was a a double bed with simple bedding on, which Clem is still sat on. Cozy.

The realisation of waking up in a random room suddenly makes it to Clementine's head. Panic stricken, she reaches for her phone off the nightstand and checks for her recent messages and the time. No unread messages. 10:07 am.

The morning after the campfire party, that was held at Marlon's house.
Connecting the simple dots, she realised she was in Marlon's house as she doesn't remember leaving. It would also explain why she's still in her outfit, from the previous night.

Hopping off the bed, Clem strolls over the door before swiftly exiting onto the landing area. The house was quiet, so she assumed everyone had left or was still asleep.
Heading down the stairs and into the kitchen, there stood the mullet boy. Marlon was leaning over the stove, with the smell of bacon filling the room. He was also sipping on a glass full of water - hangover cure.

"Finally awake then, orange" Marlon spoke, feeling the girls presence behind him.

"Clementine's are different to oranges, rat boy." She snapped back, smirking at the creative insult.

"Ouch, orange, I'm hurt." Was the only reply he could come up with. Rat boy.

Clementine had placed herself on the barstool next to the island, that was perfectly positioned in the middle of the room. The bar stool was a gunpowder metal with black detailing.

The bacon that Marlon was cooking, from when she first arrived in the kitchen, had now begun to make crackling noises from the pan.
The older teen went back over to the pan and began dishing the food up onto plates, creating a couple of bacon sandwiches for breakfast. Several plates laid out must mean there are other people around, in the house.

Once finished, he slid a plate and a small mug of coffee to Clem. A bacon sandwich and coffee sat in front of her on the island. Heavenly breakfast.

Digging into the heaven on a plate before her, Clem didn't notice the third person now in the kitchen. Feeling a pair of eyes on her, she glanced up to see Louis. Noticing he got caught looking at her, he quickly turns so his back is to her, whilst gathering himself.

After gaining a spike of confidence, he turns back to her and speaks up first. "Did you enjoy yourself last night? That minibar definitely did." He asked with a slight smile on his face.

Understanding the reference, she broke the awkward pause by replying, "Yep. It was a nice first party experience."

"Your first party? Wow, I'm shocked" he says whilst dramatically placing his hands on his cheeks, and creating an 'O' shape with his lips.

In response, she just glared whilst shoving a piece of bacon into her mouth. Louis smirks to himself, thinking of an innuendo, suggestively wiggling his eyebrows to her. Suddenly understanding, Clem chokes on the food that she has just swallowed.

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