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Spider-Man Male Reader x The Walking Dead Game by I_MedinaNovels
Spider-Man Male Reader x The Pen Name: I.M Aiden
"When you can do the things that I can, but you don't, and then the bad things happen, they happen because of you." (Y/N) (L/N) is your average high school jun...
The Walking Dead Season 2 (Male!Clementine x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
The Walking Dead Season 2 (Male! RJ
With everyone they care about dead, Clement and (y/n) now have to be on their own and face many dangers along the way as they meet up with a new group that seems to be r...
The Wolf & The Thief by R-L-Moran
The Wolf & The Thiefby Moran
Bigby wolf never took a particular liking to anyone in Fabletown. He had his moments with Snow but that was about it. But one seemingly normal day brings him back to a f...
Ericson's Boarding School (Clementine X Reader) by resevoir315
Ericson's Boarding School ( TheGuyG
(Clementine X Reader) Welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. After... "it" happened... Most of the teachers at Ericson's Boarding School aba...
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode Fanfiction} {REWRITE IS OUT!!} by spiritoast
Madness {Minecraft: Story Mode friendly bog creature
Lack of Energy... Labored Breathing... Common symptoms of Wither Sickness. Caused by overexposure to the Wither Storm and its Tractor Beams. The victim will begin to gro...
Tales from the Borderlands One Shots by ReiGn165
Tales from the Borderlands One Cull the Herd
(TFTBL Character X Reader) COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands One Shots series, here for your enjoyment of character scenarios and inserting yourself in the story to m...
My big brother Luke (The Walking Dead Game)  by DepressedCarrot
My big brother Luke (The Walking K A Y
1st book of the 'My Big Brother Luke' series. Clementine and Luke get separated from the group at Howes. Only they remain. Opportunities arise, but will they take them...
Dead Weight {MCSM} by spiritoast
Dead Weight {MCSM}by friendly bog creature
dead weight, /ˈded ˈˌwāt/, noun -a heavy or oppressive burden or responsibility. -something that makes it difficult for development, progress, or change to happen. --- W...
The Wolf's Assistant by BigTiddyMothGf
The Wolf's Assistantby Sophia
Nox. Nox is the name of the new girl in fabletown. She is usually only out at night, wandering the streets and getting some drinks. She's not a mundy, yet she's not a fa...
The Walking Dead: Louis x Reader  by meditated_melon
The Walking Dead: Louis x Reader by Minus
This story will be taken from TWDG: The Final Season. Instead of Clem's perspective, it's from yours. It's Louis x Reader and throughout the story yours and his relatio...
Troy x Nick by AwesomePandaManZoe3
Troy x Nickby AwesomePandaManZoe3
A rare couple of Troy x Nick (trick) hope u like it!
Borderlands x Reader : Headcannons / Scenarios by Miss_Dead_Inside
Borderlands x Reader : Miss_Dead_Inside
•1st In TalesFromTheBorderlands 9-15-19 I made this because of Borderlands 3 coming out soon to help with my hype! I love the game and wanted to make one of these for a...
Camp Paya by PyreFlie
Camp Payaby Pyre
*COMPLETED* Clementine and Violet meet at Summer Camp and it's not exactly love at first sight. Personalities clash and set the two at odds. Can they let down their wall...
The walking dead The final story:Clementine x male reader. by 9rdaley3
The walking dead The final 9rdaley3
Please enjoy this book. I'm sorry if you don't. the reader is 18 now.
SOLDIER ON.  ━  the walking dead game by obeIisk
SOLDIER ON. ━ the walking dead 𝒄.
For a long time, Eden Perkins believed she wouldn't find another human being she would willingly die for - she didn't want to. The past few months of her life, ever sinc...
A Carltine Fan Fiction// "We Are The Walking Dead" by readingisforthesoul
A Carltine Fan Fiction// "We Are Abriana
Clem, Kenny, and Aj traveled for months to reach Atlanta. There they found two guys. Rick and Carl. They take them to Alexandria to survive. But what happens when it all...
The Whisperers | TWDG by loudwalls
The Whisperers | TWDGby • you’re beautiful •
there's a stranger that shows up one night. maybe he's more important that they originally thought?
A Walking Dead Love Story: Lukentine by _ClemLuke_
A Walking Dead Love Story: _ClemLuke_
Clementine is now 15. Walkers still roaming around every corner. Since the Russian gunmen attacked, only her, Luke, Kenny, and the baby made it out alive. But when Luke...
He's Mine Til The Very End || Cluke by _luvjeon97
He's Mine Til The Very End || Clukeby _luvjeon97
Clementine is now 14. When Kenny died in a car crash, Clementine have to survive with AJ alone. Clementine got attacked and a familiar face rescued her. Just then other...
Bruce Wayne x John Doe (Villian Joker) - Telltale Games by S_R222
Bruce Wayne x John Doe (Villian S - Anon
This short story takes place during episode 5 of Telltales Batman game (villian route). Almost an alternative to the dinner party scene. *Mature content in the final ch...