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The Walking Dead Season 2 (Male!Clementine x Female!Reader) by LayceJ25
The Walking Dead Season 2 (Male! RJ
With everyone they care about dead, Clement and (y/n) now have to be on their own and face many dangers along the way as they meet up with a new group that seems to be r...
  • thriller
  • clementine
  • telltalegames
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Tales from the Borderlands One Shots by ReiGn165
Tales from the Borderlands One Eat, sleep, game, repeat~
(TFTBL Character X Reader) COMPLETED Tales From the Borderlands One Shots series, here for your enjoyment of character scenarios and inserting yourself in the story to m...
  • tftbl
  • august
  • scooter
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(^^^Cover art by me) Ask or Dare us ANY questions whether it's for my OC Lilac , or the Minecraft: StoryMode characters. :3 Please Read! ALL MCSM CHARACTERS WILL BE IN...
  • mcsmgabriel
  • mcsmmagnus
  • mcsmpetra
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Clouis  by jackaverymusiic
Clouis by 𝒷𝑜𝑜𝓎𝒶𝒽♡
a moment where marlon / brody didn't die, but marlon almost did. thankfully brody grabbed the gun from AJ before anything could happen. clementine stopped marlon from hi...
  • fanfiction
  • love
  • walkingdead
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DANIELLE [ dan-yell ] The girl who just wants to make it through hell and see the new world on the other side. JAVI [ hah-vee ] The man who saw the new world through th...
  • telltale
  • dead
  • twdglee
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Ericson's Boarding School (Clementine X Reader) by resevoir315
Ericson's Boarding School ( TheGuyG
(Clementine X Reader) Welcome to Ericson's Boarding School for Troubled Youth. After... "it" happened... Most of the teachers at Ericson's Boarding School aba...
  • unlimitedpride
  • thewalkingdeadaj
  • trauma
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The Wolf's Assistant by BigTiddyMothGf
The Wolf's Assistantby Sophia
Nox. Nox is the name of the new girl in fabletown. She is usually only out at night, wandering the streets and getting some drinks. She's not a mundy, yet she's not a fa...
  • twaufanfiction
  • fanfiction
  • bigbywolf
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Borderlands x Reader : Headcannons / Scenarios by Miss_Dead_Inside
Borderlands x Reader : Miss_Dead_Inside
•1st In TalesFromTheBorderlands 9-15-19 I made this because of Borderlands 3 coming out soon to help with my hype! I love the game and wanted to make one of these for a...
  • bl2
  • telltalegames
  • borderlands2
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The Wolf & The Thief by R-L-Moran
The Wolf & The Thiefby Moran
Bigby wolf never took a particular liking to anyone in Fabletown. He had his moments with Snow but that was about it. But one seemingly normal day brings him back to a f...
  • bigbyxreader
  • thebigbadwolf
  • thewolfamongus
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Rise of the dead. (Lee Everett X Reader) by MollySxx
Rise of the dead. (Lee Everett X Molly <3
The Zombie Apocalypse is here.. Your family, friends and boyfriend are all gone.. it's just you left. But when you meet a group of friendly people who welcome you into t...
  • leeeverett
  • kenny
  • telltale
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The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x reader) by Emily_Michaelis_432
The Big Bad Wolves (Bigby Wolf x Emily_Michaelis_432
Once upon a time in New York City, there loved a community of fairy tale characters known as Fabletown. The Fables who live there arrived hundreds of years ago, after th...
  • romance
  • bigby
  • thewolfamongus
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The walking dead The final story:Clementine x male reader. by 9rdaley3
The walking dead The final 9rdaley3
Please enjoy this book. I'm sorry if you don't. the reader is 18 now.
  • adventure
  • wattys2019
  • zombies
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VIRAGO.  ━  the walking dead game by skai-ros
VIRAGO. ━ the walking dead gameby —𝐬𝐤𝐚𝐢𝐫𝐨𝐬.
virago /vɪˈrɑːɡəʊ,vɪˈreɪɡəʊ/ noun 1. a domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman. 2 . a woman of great stature, strength, and courage For a long time, Eden Perkins be...
  • twd
  • thewalkingdead
  • clementine
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Bruce Wayne x John Doe (Villian Joker) - Telltale Games by S_R222
Bruce Wayne x John Doe (Villian S - Anon
This short story takes place during episode 5 of Telltales Batman game (villian route). Almost an alternative to the dinner party scene. *Mature content in the final ch...
  • johndoe
  • batman
  • telltale
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A Portal To Truths...  by jetraisendgame
A Portal To Truths... by darth stiles
Jesse. 18. Legendary hero. Saved all of the citizens of the Overworld from the deadly Witherstorm. Well.. not all. Jesse used to be a geeky, cheery, optimistic but tough...
  • telltalegames
  • petra
  • jesstra
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The Walking Dead Michonne: Male reader insert. by 9rdaley3
The Walking Dead Michonne: Male 9rdaley3
You're in a world full of undead and is fighting for survival.
  • shooting
  • xreader
  • twd
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Minecraft Story Mode | The Last Attacked by _Miss_Raffa_
Minecraft Story Mode | The Last Raffaborboo
► Plot: "After Jesse have returned from their adventures, it started happening strange creatures attacks all over the city, until they found out they were vampires...
  • telltalegames
  • adventure
  • minecraft
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The walking dead final season:Hell to pay. by 9rdaley3
The walking dead final 9rdaley3
So I hope you guys enjoy this. Marlon's the main character by the way.
  • shooting
  • clemmyclue
  • marlentine
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Beyond the Grave by mariosonicfan16
Beyond the Graveby mariosonicfan16
Story was originally on my DeviantART page, so I decided to repost it here on Wattpad Plot: Ever since the portal hopping journey, Ivor often borrows the enchanted flint...
  • harper
  • ivorxharper
  • ivor
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needy » clouis by adorrhe
needy » clouisby [ GUILTY KISS. ]
love doesn't come out of nowhere, but the feeling of being needed can get you attached to it. 「 modern au 」
  • twdgtfs
  • telltalegames
  • fanfiction
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