35 - Graduation

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I'm so sad to say, but here is the last chapter of Questionable. Thank you everyone for reading. We also just hit 5k reads❤️
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Clementine slowly awoke from her deep slumber, with the sound of waves crashing and birds chirping. Even though awake, she keeps her eyes closed because that's too much effort for so early in the morning.
I could get used to this is her immediate thought.

Wanting to get more sleep, Clem takes in a deep breathe and shuffles to find a more comfortable position. She was too busy finding a comfortable position to realise that Louis had also woken up.

She only finds out when there is movement from behind her. Clem then feels his arm snake around her bare waist under the covers, and he placed his face in the crook of her neck, hiding from the intruding sun. He lightly digs his fingers into the skin of her waist, but not enough to hurt the girl. His finger begins to make small circular motions on her bare skin, while still obscuring his face in the girls neck.

She decides there is no point going back to sleep if Louis is awake, so opens her eyes for the first time. Noticing the morning sunlight seeping through the window, she notices that the curtains were open. Chances are, no one saw them because it's such a quiet beach.

"I knew I should've closed them damn curtains last night." He mutters into the girls neck.
She laughs at the comment, knowing exactly what Louis meant.

His dreads on her sensitive skin made her feel slightly itchy, but she was too comfy to mention it.
"Come on sleepyhead, get up." Louis spoke, while slightly pulling on the girls ankle in hopes she moves.

"But I don't wanna." She groans, burying her head into the pillow more.

The tugging on her leg was more powerful, until she was pulled to the bottom half of the bed with a yelp. The duvet was getting messed up from the movement, compared to how neatly laid out it was before.

"Come on Clemmy. I'm making breakfast." Louis said again, trying to reason with her.

She peeked open one eye, to look at the boy hovering above her. An idea popped into her head, which perhaps wasn't the smartest.
In a low whisper, she said "What if I want you for breakfast?"

His eyes widened at that. He definitely wasn't expecting such a bold comment coming from the usually shy girl. Regaining his composure, he retorted "Nope. Breakfast is eggs and bacon. Or whatever else I can find."
Clem fake pouted at his answer, trying to change his mind.

He raised a finger at her, pointing it at her. He narrowed his eyes and warningly said "Behave."
And with that, he got off her and exited the bedroom to head for the kitchen.

With that, Clementine concluded that she would get up and get dressed. Maybe not dressed in clothes, but pajamas. It was still early so the girl can't be blamed.
The remainder clothes from last night were spread aimlessly across the room, as a reminder as to what happened. The brunette girl felt her face heat up at the thought.

Rolling to the other side of the bed, Clem picked up Louis's phone which he'd left behind. Her only intention was to see the time. She pressed the home button, and the screen lit up onto the lock screen. Looking at it, Clem realised that it was the picture from yesterday - which she forced Duck to delete.
She smiled happily to herself, feeling glad that Duck lied. It was a cute picture, and it was genuine. The couple looked happy. Clem was glad that it was the boys choice for his lock screen.

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