8 - Comfort

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After Louis found Clem's bruise from the attack, that she was hiding, there wasn't much conversation happening in the car. Louis had asked her if she wanted to go home, to which she refused - which shocked him. Clem had told him that they made plans, so they were going to do them regardless if she's mad at him for over stepping a boundary.
That boundary being privacy.

Louis is driving silently, his lips pulled into a line, not wanting to speak incase there's an argument. They were going to a park, a little out of the town. It's not too much of a drive, but you couldn't walk without getting exhausted.
Clementines phone vibrated from her pocket, and she read what had been sent. A text, from her brother AJ. Texting her younger brother can be a good excuse for not talking to Louis in this tense car journey.
C is Clementine, AJ is AJ.

AJ: mum and dad argued but won't talk to each other. What do I do?

Clementine sighed through her nose. Her parents didn't argue a lot, but if they did it meant there was an issue. AJ always turn to her for advice and learning, so she couldn't afford to upset AJ or tell him the wrong thing.

C: just give them some space for now, I'll be home in a little bit. Maybe finish your science project whilst waiting? :)

AJ: okay, are you hanging out with that boy again? ;)

C: maybeeee lol

AJ: that means yes. I love you Clem.

C: I love you back, kiddo.

Clem slips her phone back into her pocket and focuses her attention on Louis, who has just parked the car into a parking spot. She knew that Louis was only trying to help, and he didn't have to defend her, help her or hang out with her.
He's truly a good person.

Turning to Louis in her seat, she looks at his face hoping he would do the same. But, there was nothing. Sighing again, Clem breaks the silence in hopes of a conversation.

"Louis.. Please look at me" she speaks, not realising it came at more as a whisper with desperation lacing the words. He turns and meets her gaze, without speaking - they're now looking at each other.

At the sad sight in front of him, Louis groans in defeat. He cannot stay mad at her, he understands why she was acting defensive - not to mention, that's Clementine's personality.

He starts doing the talking now, "I'm not mad..just hurt. That you won't let me help you. I understand why you hid it though.". Stunned at the confession, Clem turns and bows her head in shame. She never thought about what Louis felt or was thinking.

"Louis, I'm sorry I didn't show you the bruise, it's just.. I can handle it myself, OK?"

"You clearly couldn't handle that guy, Clem, he had you pinned for Christ sake!". Louis is clearly becoming negatively effected by the whole situation.

"I know but, I just don't want to burden you with my issues.." Clementine still has her head facing her lap.

"Clementine" he whispers, whilst reaching for her chin so she's facing him. "You are never a burden to me. I lo- like having you around me so let me help.."

Louis and Clem are now face to face inches away from each other, leaning over the gearbox between them. Realisation hits Clementine, finally realising how close they were.

"Ok.." She softly speaks. "You can help." Without another word, Louis wraps his arms around the girls shoulders, pulling her into a hug that she didn't expect. After a second, and no second thoughts, she wrapped her arms around his torso - reciprocating the hug.

He embraced her, and it was like their bodies were made to fit each other.
This is nice, they both thought to themselves. But would never say it out loud.

He was glad that Clem agreed to let him help. It meant that she trusted him.
Why would Clem trust him thought? Hell, he wouldn't trust himself.


Now, it was late afternoon with the young teens hanging out. They were at a local park, which was a known hub for families and kids.
Flowers and trees were surrounded the teens, as they both sat with a decent distance between the two. It's a quiet, but sunny, day. The pair were simply enjoying the chill environment.

Randomly speaking Clem asks, "Hey Louis, what was Marlon saying to you in class about going on a date?"
Listening to what she just asked, Louis froze.

"Oh that? It's nothing. Marlon just talking out of his ass. You know? He does it a lot." Turning to her, offering a goofy grin hoping she drops it.
Clementine just smiles back. Not a word. Only a smile.
*Internal screeching*

Louis is totally unaware that Clem heard their whole conversation, in class that day. She didn't need conformation of what Marlon meant because she already had a good idea. The idea of Louis and Clementine on a date makes her feel happy, but it seemed Louis was disheartened by the idea.
Why else would someone seem said about getting rejected for a date, if they never asked?

After realising he never thought about Marlon for the whole day made Louis feel more confused. There's a war in his mind, but he can't understand any of it. Nothing makes sense. The logically thing to do is speak to someone about his feelings. But who?

Authors note
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Episode three has been out for a few days now and I have some opinions. Beware of spoilers below.

The Louis and Clem date scene was adorable. Think it's my favourite thing yet. I saved Louis but if he's captured, his tongue is cut off and he's so broken. His whole personality is gone, but he still loves Clem because he hugs her.

Violet (if she was captured) became cold and low key a bitch. I understand why she's hurt, but she attacked Clem when she's trying to escape. The fact she thinks Minnie is still a good person, it shows that she's being brain washed by the delta too.

For the ending: bye Lilly.

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