16 - Confessions In The Park

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Clementine and Louis plan to meet up later on in the day, at around 6pm. She had sent the dread headed boy a message last night, but never got a reply. She might end up getting stood up, but it's urgent so Clem will go anyway. Either way, the park is a nice place to be at nightfall. Peaceful.

It's currently 5:57pm and Clem just arrived at the park, sitting on a bench near a tree. It's not far from the place Louis brought her that time that they hung out. He helped her with the wounds, from the assault. He spoke to her about random shit, and managed to make her happy too.

A few minutes went past. Then 20 minutes went by before Clem could even realise.
It's now 6:26pm and Clem was still alone, sat in snow dark park. The only people around are dog walkers or kids going home from school - detention.

The girl with the baseball cap didn't know what to feel.
Disappointed, angry, mainly embarrassed, hopeful maybe?
Just as she was about to get up and leave, Clem noticed something. It caught her eye, so she picked up her head, to get a better look.

From the distance, a tall figure emerged from the park gate and headed straight for Clementine. Please be Louis.

Louis managed to reach the girl that was sat on the bench, before she was able to get away. Panting and doubled over with his hands on his knees, he struggles to speak "I'm SO sorry that I'm late. My parents were out and I had to look after my baby sister but my phone died so I couldn't-"

Clem reaches for his rough hand, which was resting on his knee for his own support. Louis raises his head, so the two are now making eye contact. She gives him a nod and smile, showing nothing but understanding. At least she isn't mad.

"I wanted to speak to you about what I said the morning after the party. But more.. direct." Clem starts her explanation.

"I want to say some things but don't interrupt, ok?"
The dark skin boy looks at her with a wary expression, not knowing what to reply with. He moved over the bench, and sat next to her but still facing her.

Taking the silence as her cue to start, she did. "After Gabe died, I always thought I would be alone: but then I met you."
Louis's ears are ringing and he cannot believe what she just admitted, and it's just the start of the confessions.

Clem continues, and Louis doesn't interrupt like she asked. "Meeting you made me realise I would like to try a relationship again, even if it breaks my heart like last time. I know you might not feel the same, and that's okay. You don't have to say anything. I just want to be honest with you, so that you know."
The truth is out and cannot be taken back.

To confirm it even more she says "I like you a lot. As in, like you, as more than a friend."

Louis opens his mouth to say something but nothing came out. The eyes of the girl before him told so many emotions and stories.
Panic. Hurt. Rejection. Embarrassment.

"I feel the same Clementine." Is all he is able to get out. Say more, you idiot.

He continues, "I like you even more. So, there." And ends with a toothy grin. This is what cloud nine feels like.

It was such a simple reply coming from the dread head, but Clementine felt so happy. Relief filled her bones, knowing she didn't just embarrass herself and that the boy she likes feels the same.


Louis couldn't believe it.
His girl crush had admitted to his face that she liked him.
And that she would want a relationship - even after her haunting past.
She truly has faith in him that he won't break her heart.

"I actually wanted to ask you on a date a few weeks ago, but I pussied out." Louis admits to her, feeling his cheeks and top of his ears burning up.

She just smiles her signature smile and reveals what she already knew, "Yeah I heard you and Marlon in class talk about it."

"Oh. That's even more awkward." He says whilst rubbing the back of his neck, nervously.

There was a silence that filled the air. It's wasn't uncomfortable. Just, no one spoke.
That was until Louis realised what he had to admit. It's his turn now.

"Clementine. There's something I need to tell you, about me." He said, hinting at a confession that was to come.

"It's okay, I'm listening." She replies and ended with a smile.

He takes a deep breathe in through his nose before speaking, and turns away from her gaze. He could not bare to look at her whilst talking about this topic. Something about it made him uncomfortable.

"Okay, so. I like you as more than a friend too. But I also like someone else." He states, bring ominous.

Clem feels her smile drop slightly, making herself feel less wanted by the one person she wanted. "Well that's ok. It's possible to like two people at one time." She suggests to him, trying to reassure the both of them.

"That's just the issue Clem. The other person is a boy." He finally finished. It felt like a huge weight was lifted from his shoulders.

Shock. That's the only word to describe Clementine's response.

Before she could respond, there was a slight hesitant in her tone which Louis picked up on. "That's okay Louis. It's normal to look, think about and like your own gender, as well as two people at once." 

Louis shrugs unknowingly, "I guess so. It's just, weird because I've never looked at any other boys like that. I've only ever been interested in girls."
He carries on speaking, "I wanted to tell you before this goes any further. Relationships are based on loyalty and trust, after all."

The girl thinks to herself before making a second admission for the night. "Well, since relationships are based on trust and we are making lots of confessions, I'll make another."
And flashes her toothy smile, starting to become a signature for her.

"I don't use labels for sexuality. I think people are attracted to whatever they like, regardless of gender. I mean, I've dated a girl before too but it never lasted."

Louis was stunned. But also thankful.
In one swift movement, he reaches over for the petite girl sat next to him, and pulls her into a bone crushing hug. After accepting the hug, Clem wraps her arms around the boy, resting them on his mid back.

He rests his head into the crook of her neck and whispers a soft 'Thank you. For everything." He didn't say it very loud and didn't expect Clem to hear him.
But she did hear him. Her response to hearing his whisper was to give him a slight squeeze, and close her eyes, melting into the hug.

They both dissolved into the hug that they both shared, without knowing how much it meant to the other one.

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