9 - Pizza Bonding

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It's been a few days since Clem and Louis hung out at the park, and since the incident in the hallway. They have spoke in class and some on text, but not much. Blame it on avoiding him, or being busy, but Clem has been distant from him.

Wanting some girl time, Clem and Vi were just chilling around the blonde girls house.

Violet is rummaging through her parents alcohol collection, trying to find the correct one. The pizza in the oven is starting smell ready, the smell of pepperoni filling the girls noses. Heaven.
The girls friendship first started from their mutual love of food. Not just any food, junk food.

"Ah hah, I found it!" Violet randomly exclaims. She pulls out a bottle of white wine from the liquor cabinet - which they clearly shouldn't have been in.

"Should we be drinking from your parents stash?" Clementine asks, whilst closing the oven after taking the pizza from it. She starts slicing it into even triangles.

The blonde rolled her eyes in response. "Of course we should. You've been acting tense recently so it's time for you to let loose!"
This made Clementine think. She couldn't think of a reason for being tense.

The girls make their way upstairs, into Violets room and plopped down onto her king size bed. The pepperoni pizza is placed between them, with the wine bottle on the night stand next to the bed.

Clem begins the conversation, after removing the wine glass from her mouth. "So tell me, how have you and Minerva been?"

"We're good actually. Minnie has had a hard time getting over her time from the Delta though." She says whilst stuffing another slice of the heavenly food into her mouth.
The Delta was what they called the local military summer camp. Minnie had been there for nearly 3 months and was struggling to return to normal routine of school and friendships.

"I'm sure she will settle back soon. She's only been back for less than a month" The brunette replies.

"True. Enough about me. How are you and Louis?" Violet asks whilst showing a toothy grin.

At the unexpected question, Clem chokes on the food that was in her throat. "What do you mean?" She inquires, feeling confused as heat rises to her cheeks.

"Come on Clem, there's no fooling anyone. I know you two have been hanging out after school and stuff."

"There's nothing going on." She snapped back.

"Really?" Violet says back, looking unamused at the lack of information and details.

Clem just shrugs, not wanting to carry on the conversation. There isn't anything to talk about anyway.

Violet opens her mouth and carried on talking regardless. "Louis has never shown interest in any girls since I've been friends with him. It's strange really, every other guy in the group has at least shown an interest in someone."
She pauses slightly before adding on, "Maybe he's gay?"

Clem feels the need to defend Louis so she shuts down Violet's thoughts. "That's not true. I heard Louis and Marlon in class talking about a date. Louis said something about the person wouldn't think of it as a date, so it was pointless."

Confused, Violet just blinks and tried to register what was said to her. "Hmmmm.." Is all she had to reply with.

The conversation quickly was changed, due to Clementine. She was thinking about what Violet said, about Louis being gay. It made her heart sink a little - not because she disliked gay people, but because it meant Louis would be totally off limits.
Quickly discarding the thoughts, Clementine gets ahold of herself. Why would him being potentially gay and off limits, make her feel sad unless she had some sort of feelings for him?

If anything, Clem could support him because she knew that feeling too. She was bisexual so had first hand experience of these confusing thoughts and emotions.
All of this thinking starts to hurt her brain so she swigs another gulp of wine down, in hopes of making her brain silent.


It's a new week in the school, so students were stood around catching up about their weekend. The previous weekend, Vi and Clem had their pizza and wine bonding session. It's been a good couple of months since Clementine first started at the new school. 

All Louis tries to do is be kind to everyone, because he never knows what's going on in their head or at home. Sometimes people don't see that though, and think he's got an ulterior motive. Even if he did, being kind is something in his nature.

He spots the petit girl at the other end of the corridor before heading towards her. "Hey Clem, need a hand?" He asks whilst watching her struggle with her school bags and books in the school corridor.

"No it's all good." She replies. She wasn't exactly in a good mood that day.

"Are you sure? They look heavy. Here let me help-" he says whilst reaching out to grab Clem's bag from her possession.
Getting frustrated, Clem pulls away quickly from his hand, that Louis quickly retracted.

"Stop Louis. I don't need you saving me whenever something happens." She huffs at him, starting to feel flustered from the sudden escalation of the situation and the heaviness in her arms.

"Come on Clem, you can't shut everyone out when they want to help you." Louis whines to her, now getting irritated.

"Well stop trying then. You are wasting your time because I'm not forcing you to be here." Clem hisses back, with more venom than anticipated. Before he could reply, Clem had her back to him and made her way towards the exit door.

Louis thinks to himself, getting confused by everything happening recently. There's only so much that Louis's innocent brain can take, so he decided he needs to speak to someone. Violet. That's the first person to come to his mind.

Clementine is always on his mind, his apparent feelings for Marlon who's meant to be his best friend, seeing Clem getting hurt and wanting to help her.

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