1 - Their Pasts

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The girl with the curly hair is an fairly average 17 year old girl, born and raised in Georgia, USA. It's a decent sized city but everyone living in the same streets knows each other, and it was decently safe.

Her physical appearance would either make you stare in awe, or make you not look twice. She was small in stature for her age, something very obvious to those that first meet her. Her fashion sense is flexible, she wears what is comfortable and practical. Her signature clothing item is the dirty blue and white baseball hat that she always wears, with the letter 'D' on it.
It belonged to her dad before he passed away unexpectedly. She was given it so to make sure it was safe and never had the chance to give it back.

Some would describe her as cold and emotionless, but it's all just for show. That's so people don't get too close because she might hurt them too. In reality, Clem is a damaged girl with a hurtful past and some view her as baggage. People that truly know her would say she's is a big softy once you get past her hard exterior.

All Clem wants is quite simple. She wants to have a loving partner, maybe kids when she's older, and have a successful career. Nothing too complicated.

She has a younger brother, AJ, who can be very annoying at times. But she loves him for it so she deals with it. He's currently 6 years old, but likes to act older because of his life experiences. AJ has become hardened.

Her parents are Lee and Carley Everett, who adopted Clem at the age of 8 when her parents died in a tragic accident. They were family friends, so Clem already knew them.

Lee had a past that would cause some people to raise eyebrows in caution, but not Clementine. She loves him because that's the only family left, aside from her brother or mum.


Unknown to him, there was a girl and her family currently travelling to his small town and she's about to turn his life upside down.
In both good and bad ways of course.

Louis is 18 years old, and currently still in the same year at school as Clem. His family unit is simple enough - he has his parents and a younger sister. He's close with his grandparents, and they are heavily involved in his life.
A simple family unit.

Louis is seen as a complex character by his peers. He likes to constantly joke around, play card games to lighten the mood and is quite flirty. Although he's flirty, he is known by his friends to always be single and never experienced a relationship - no one really knows why either.

His appearance is quite the trademark too. The light brown combat boots, ripped jeans and green button up are his favourite clothing to match. He's never seen without his tan trench coat though - it's comfy with the fur lining the collar.
Also his signature dreadlocks that hang in his face, but still frame his features perfectly could not be missed.

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