33 - The Night of Prom

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Long chapter ahead.
Warning: some more spicy tension and mildly suggestive scenes. Y'all too thirsty.


It's the night of prom. The atmosphere among the seniors was buzzing, and could easily be felt by everyone around them.

Clem, Louis and their friends have finally finished high school. Exam season is over, the only events left are prom and graduation.
Kenny and Duck had come back from Florida, the third visit this year. Kenny was already emotional and she wasn't even ready to leave yet. Clem's childhood best friend could not miss out on her prom, even if she was attending at her old school - back in Georgia.

Carley had dragged Clem to get ready upstairs, which involved getting glam: Hair, makeup and final touches. They had been getting ready for nearly over an hour, but Clem couldn't complain. She never got bonding time with her mum, but this was a rare time where she could talk to her.
Clem was still in her nightwear, saying she was too lazy to get dressed until very last minute.

"There. Finally finished." Her mum says while pulling away to appreciate her own work.

Looking at her reflection, Clem saw what had been done to her. She had makeup on, which was a rarity, but it looked so natural that it complimented her features - rather than change them. Her skin looked flawless, yet natural. She had a subtly glow to her - which she couldn't decide if it was makeup or feelings of giddiness. She had a faint colour on her eyelids, making her deep hazel eyes stand out even more. Finally, her lips were coated in a shimmer gloss which make her lips look slightly bigger.
She did a great job, considering Carley never claimed to be good at makeup or hair.

"Wow, thank you mum. It looks amazing." Clem said, still checking herself out.

Carley was grabbing something from under the bed, but replied in a muffled tone "Of course honey. Also, I got you something." She said, pulling out a small box from under the hiding space. It was small, but was neatly wrapped up.

"What's this for?" The teen asked, raising an eyebrow in confusion.

"Well, I thought you might want.. Something nice to wear. For after." Is all Carley said, passing the box over to her daughter.

She looked up at the older women, eyeing her with caution. She opened the box anyway, curiosity taking ahold of her. In the bottom of the box, was something soft wrapped up in tissue paper. Whatever it was, looked semi expensive.

Clementine nearly felt her eyes pop out of her head from seeing the contents. It was a simple lingerie set, in a matching burgundy colour to her dress and Louis's accent on the suit. It also had white lace detailing on the set.

"Oh my god!" Was all she could say. That was unexpected. She didn't mean to sound harsh, it was just unexpected.

Carley pulls out the bra, giving her a better look at it. "What?!" She asked, defensively, "I instantly thought of your prom dress when I saw it and knew I had to buy it. You don't have to wear it if you don't want." The older lady finished.

Clem groans and covers her face in pure embarrassment, at her own mums actions.
"It's not that I don't appreciate it, mum. It does look nice, okay? It's just- A little too much?" Clem said, sounding unsure.

Carley grinned, "Oh please, I know what it's like being young and in love." She said in a mocking tone, but her daughter knew she was telling the truth. Carley did have life experience and wasn't dumb.

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