14 - People From Her Past

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Getting home from a 10 minute walk coming from Marlon's house, Clem opens her front door and slides into the house, hoping to go unnoticed by the household. Hearing the door, Carley emerges from the kitchen with a towel in her hand, cleaning off a bowl.

Seeing Clem in her last nights clothes, Carley pulls a puzzled face and asks the girl in front of her, "What happened to you last night?" Before she then gasps and said "You aren't doing the walk of shame, are you?!"

Shocked, Clem goes into full denial at the idea of doing the walk of shame, "Oh my god! No! I stayed over at Marlon's because I had.. too much to drink?"

Sighing relief Carley continues "I trust you Clem. But that sounded more like a question than an answer." With that, the girls mum then just giggled. At least she isn't mad knowing her daughter got basically drunk.

Wanting to know about her little brother, Clem asks her adoptive mum "How's AJ doing? Since I wasn't here last night and he sometimes struggles with that..", ending her sentence in mumbles.

Understanding what the petite girl is referring to, Carley starts to talk about last nights events but from the household's view. "AJ was a bit of a.. Challenge. He knew you probably going to stay the night but still had trouble sleeping. He ended up staying in our room until he eventually fell asleep."

Clem gets an overwhelming feeling of guilt. She knew that AJ had trouble sleeping when Clem wasn't around, but she still stayed the night at Marlon's regardless. She didn't like her little brother worrying or having sleep struggles or night terrors. The guilt was even worse when Clem also would get these night terrors, so she had first hand experience of them.

Wanting to get changed and have a shower, Clem mutters a 'See you in a bit' to her mum before wondering upstairs, and straight for the bathroom. Turning on the shower, and hopping into the hot running water, Clem let out a content sigh at the feeling.

Remembering the previous night, she thought back to the confession she made to Louis - but also the rest of the group. She mentioned Gabe and the fact that she only got to go on one date with him before dying. She has never properly spoke about it to people before, other than her family. Saying it out loud always makes things more real and Clementine hates that.

It's a teenage tragedy that only happens in movies, not to people like Clem. She always thoughts 'it wouldn't happen to me, it would be to someone else'.  Life is too short to have regrets or not do things that we want.
Thinking of this, Clementine realises that she wants to start living in the moment. That's part of the reason that second date never happened.
Her fear got to her - wondering what Gabe or others would think.

After spending too long in the shower, Clem finally stepped out and wrapped her hair into a towel turban and got dressed into cozy winter pyjamas after drying herself off. She made her way into her bedroom, which she had only recently finished decorating and unpacking. Moving state and setting up a new life takes awhile.

The floor was a beige coloured carpet and the walls were a simple white with one feature wall. The wallpaper was inspired by a city night sky - very classic for a teen girl. The feature wall has her bed placed against it.
Her bed was a decent size, a king size to be exact. The pillows, sheets and duvet matched, which was a lilac colour fading into white covered in flowers that are native to Japan. Next to her bed are nightstands, one with a simple jewelled lamp and alarm clock, with the opposite holding some personal items. Makeup, hair things and a notebook.
Above her bed, on the wall, was a single shelf with a few photo frames on. There were also fairy lights hanging from the top of the wall, and making their way down the wall - stopping just before the headboard.

In the corner of the room was a simple desk with a matching chair. Spread across the desk was just odd pieces of paper, some school books and another photo. This photo was of Clem, Diane and Ed that was taken on her 8th birthday - her birth family and the same year that she lost them.

Clementine's phone lights up, reminding her of an unread message. Hoping and praying it isn't Louis, she strolls over to check her screen. She isn't ready to face rejection, just yet.
D is Duck, C is Clem.

D: hi stranger! Noticed you haven't text in awhile, so I'm checking you aren't dead.

C: definitely still alive, unless this is hell?

C: sorry for not texting in ages, things have been crazy down here atm!

D: fair enough, I can't stay mad at you :) what's life like up there?

C: it's nice. School is alright. Met a group of friends too that accept me :)

D: that's good. and a special someone I hope? ;)

C: hmm, there's someone but it's early days. Idk if he likes me back..

D: never know until you try. go get your man Clemmy!

C: lol I'll get him later Duck. How's Kenny and Katjaa?

D: my parents are good, I'll tell them you said hi. My dad caught a mini dolphin, same size as a tuna!

C: that's great Duck, hope you didn't eat it all by yourself?

D: no..? I did share. Kinda? :3

C: this is why no one shares food with you lmao

D: oh well. We are coming to visit in spring so hope you're ready for us.

C: definitely, it's been too long without you all. You could meet everyone from school too, only if you want.

D: duh! Any friends of Clemmy is a friend of mine.

C: :) I'm glad. Good night Ducky ❤️

D: night Clem!

And with that, Clem rolls over and faces the opposite side of the bed and drifts into a dreamless sleep. Even though it was dreamless, it didn't mean she wasn't thinking of a certain someone before drifting off.


After Clementine left Marlon's house to go back home, Vi, Marlon and Louis had stayed behind to do clean up the aftermath of the party. Also, Violet couldn't go home smelling of booze and other substances.

Louis was stood in the middle of the kitchen, with a bin bag in his hands but not paying attention to the conversation happening around him. He's too busy concentrating on his thoughts and Clem's words from last night and earlier this morning (but mainly this morning).

He feels so conflicted on what she had said. Whilst drunk, she admitted about being scared for a relationship because "people die because of me" as she said. But when she was sober, she said that Louis "changed her mind" and would want a relationship again. There were so many unanswered questions

Does she want a relationship? Is she even ready for one? Did that mean she liked Louis and would date him? Was she telling the truth when drunk or sober?
Shut up brain and just ask Clem these questions instead.

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